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Aliso Beach Your Home


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Aliso Beach is a special, special place for me in Laguna.  It is a favorite spot of water photographer and filmmaker Scotty Carter, who over the course of working on helping to promote his photographic art, has become extended family.  With his work, the team at Aliso Beach can help you Aliso Beach your home with the incredible photography of waterman Scotty Carter.

The smell of the ocean, the merciless pounding of its shore break waves, the soothing breezes, the aqua-green water color, and the coastal hills offer a tranquil setting to beach goers while the body boarders,  soft top surfers, and the skim boarders all make this an interesting and spirited community that I have enjoyed being a part of.

One of the ways we humans show our appreciation for the natural environments we covet is to display art featuring it.  Why?  It is not explainable in many ways, but we are so deeply connected to nature that the places we experience leave a mark on us that is both unforgettable and difficult to explain. Our homes are a reflection of who we are and the art reminds us of the outdoor settings that in part define us. We are moved by sun, sea, waves and coastal breezes. This little place we call Aliso Beach is one of those locations that leaves us better than we were before we visited!  You can’t put a price on the wonder, tranquility and soothing that this incredible slice of Laguna Beach delivers.

If you love Aliso Beach, and would like to include Aliso Beach art and imagery in your home, contact me at info@alisobeach.com.  If you are like me, you love Aliso Beach and it is a part of you.  I recommend the 72 x 48″ size because you can look up at and feel like you are in the barrel.  It’s priceless!



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Art Walk Laguna


Do not miss Art Walk Laguna this Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at Laguna Foundation For The Arts gallery !  Water Sculptures from Scotty Carter will have a half room dedicated to the celebration of water in a portrayal of waves that is extraordinary and beautiful.  No two water sculptures are alike with mind bending intricacies, color and detail.  It may be said that this is the best exhibit yet in the notable career of Scotty Carter as an artist and fine art photographer.  For this gallery and Laguna Beach Art Walk, some of his best work has been curated and displayed as finished products.  You will find that most of the pieces are framed, and the purchaser needs to do nothing but hang it in their desired spot.  There will be a couple of acrylic display pieces that while unframed, are finished and ready for display.  I feel like this is Scotty’s most ambitious, complete showing and that it will be enjoyed and talked about for some time.

In preparation for the December Art Walk Laguna, Tony and Stan are making things happen.  The room Scotty will be exhibited in is close to being finished.  The hanging party will be held tomorrow night or Thursday morning.  There is still much to do but everyone involved is super excited. The floor is being finished and sealed as well as track lighting being installed in the room which will show the art the way it should be.  It is going to be awesome!

Come join us at Art Walk Laguna on Thursday.  Scotty Carter art is a must see and don’t forget, purchases made through Laguna Foundation For the Arts include a 30% tax deductible donation credit. The foundation is a 5013c charitable organization making possible the a valuable tax deduction.

We hope to see you there!

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Laguna Foundation For The Arts Gallery


Aliso Beach inspired artist Scotty Carter is exhibiting at the new Laguna Beach Foundation For The Arts Gallery tonight at 6:00 pm as a part of the Laguna Beach Art Walk.  This exciting new location and project demonstrates the foundation’s continued love and support of the arts.  The gallery location is 1963 S. Coast Highway with ocean views.  Join participating artists tonight for live music, a spectacular sunset over the water, unique art and good vibes in Laguna.

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November Art Walk Flyer For LFFTA

Each artist is able to display two pieces for a monthly fee that pales in comparison to what a gallery monthly rent would look like in the city of Laguna Beach.  This is an exceptional opportunity for artists that want to dip a toe in the waters of galleries and see if marketing and selling their art in this manner is for them.  Because Laguna Beach is a popular, coastal, art town with visitors and residents all appreciating the arts, this opportunity is ideal for artist exposure.

This will be a great event.  It is coordinated by my friend Jinx Law, who also offers through Laguna Foundation For the Arts, strategic locations at high end restaurants in Laguna Beach for artists to display their work and gain valuable exposure.  As someone working in the field of art, I really appreciate how hard she works and how involved she is in helping artists introduce their work and processes to people that have never seen them.

Hope to see you all down there.  If you are unable to make tonight’s event, keep an eye out for a monthly flyer advertising Laguna Foundation For The Arts Gallery and Laguna Beach Art Walk Events.

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Art Show at Noll Surfboards


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Noll Surfborads Art Show

My intention for the Aliso Beach website is to promote artists and split the profits between the artist and charities that benefit Aliso Beach and Laguna area coastal water and marine ecosystem health.  It some point it will indeed mean that I put together an Art Show featuring carefully selected Aliso Beach photographers and artists.  With experience representing artists in Art Walk, Exhibition and Gallery arrangements, I have built a template for shows.  The work isn’t easy and the preparation is significant but I enjoy putting them on.

Currently, I have an Art Show organized for Noll Surfboards on May 23rd featuring 3 really gifted photographers and a surprise artist which will be announced a little closer to the show.  As constructed this isn’t any old show.  The show features 3 of the most gifted photographers I know in Scotty Carter, Aaron Goulding and Ben Ginsberg.  All three have been published in major surf related publications and have an expertise that is worth noting.

The art show has a couple of features that make it worth attending.

1) The show will feature 4 artists including 3 of the best coastal photographers in Southern California and a painter that will be a surprise.

2) There is an invite only champagne hour for special guests, art collectors and art related industry professionals.

3) There is music from the incredible Aja Lee, the gifted Ukulele player and singer from South San Diego.

4) There is a Tequila Tasting from El Perdido.

5) There is food, wine and beer as well!

6) There is a charity raffle that benefits Wings For Life.  By the way, there are some incredible prizes including phone cases, matted prints, framed aluminum pieces, sea glass jewelry and so much more.  Some folks are going to walk out of this show making out like bandits with lots of loot.

7)  The art and artists are fantastic and the host Noll Surfboards Jed, Candace and Travis are some of the finest people I know.  It is always a treat to do shows with them.



VIP Champagne Hour (Special Invite Only) 5:30-6:30 pm

General Admission Art Show:  6:30-9:30 Pm

Music by Aja Lee 6:30-8:00 Pm

Food:  Won’t Last Long 6:30 Pm until its gone.

Tequila Tasting:  5:30 Pm until its gone

Charity Raffle With AAAAAMAZING Prizes 8:30 pm


Hope to see you all there!




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Aliso Beach Art Story


I have never held back on my affection for Aliso Beach. It is a beach and place for the ages in Laguna Beach.  I was driving through Laguna the other day and stopped to see if I could surf before tending to things I needed to get done.  The wind wasn’t playing nice but I did run into a friend Chris Mitchell from the body boarding community.  Chris is a standout body body boarder that has a penchant for taking on the biggest and nastiest waves Southern California has to offer and he does it with a boyish smile and enthusiasm that makes you appreciate him as a rider and a person.

That day he had his twin boys with him as he often does and was just trying to will the winds and waves at Aliso Beach into something special.  The effort fell short but I as I have come accustomed to doing, enjoyed shooting the breeze with Chris and talking to his boys.  These kids have sheepish grins and a clever and fun way of talking about anything and all things.  I can’t think of one time that those two kids with how they interact with adults where they didn’t make me laugh and smile.

Aliso Beach Art

A wave in a single moment in time shared by friends that became art.

I got to talking with Chris and he was asking me if I knew what his new art purchase from Scotty Carter was.  I told him that I did and I acknowledged that a piece that big would be the largest piece we had ever done.  Chris had an IPhone 5c with no phone case on it so I tested one of our IPhone 5 Cases on it with another shot from Aliso Beach.  We learned that day that the IPhone 5 cases fit the 5c, 5s and 5’s all at the same time.  I had no idea and had been told there were no cases for the 5C.  Among the other things we talked about, he told me a little bit about the Scotty Carter Aliso Beach shot that purchased on a 75 inch canvas a few years back.  It turns out that he was on the beach with Scotty the day that photo was taken.  By any standards, that shot was and is an incredible capture.  Chris finds himself emotionally tied to that piece because Scotty and he shared the awe when that thing stood up and pitched the way it did while they were on the sand at Aliso Beach.  For me, it kind of humanizes the art in a way.  That day and sharing the time entranced by one wave of many at Aliso is something he will never forget.  He has a piece at home that will forever remind him of that day and I think that is an Aliso Beach Art Story worth sharing!

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