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Motorcycle Parking Selfie


The sound of a motorcycle parking selfie is pure ridiculousness. Or is it?  A couple of weeks ago we received an inquiry through the website from a rider that was coming down to attend a work event at Aliso Beach.  It sounds more like play to me but good for him.  His question was related to parking his bike at Aliso and his concern that either his parking pass would be stolen or blown away by the wind.  I have been working my way through the County of Orange to get their policy for motorcycles parked in the Aliso Beach lots and it has been a lengthy and unfinished process. They must be busy because getting a hold of the right contacts hasn’t been easy.  I think I have the right contact now but can’t seem to catch her at the right time or get a return call.

When I saw a parking enforcement officer at Aliso Beach this morning, I decided to ask him where a motorcycle rider be expected to display his ticket.  I told the gentleman, who probably thought I yelled across the lot in his direction to pick on him for giving tickets, that someone told me he was concerned parking his motorcycle at Aliso Beach because he had no place to put the paid parking ticket.  He also felt like if he placed his ticket it could be stolen.  The parking enforcer did not agree with the sentiment that the ticket could be stolen, or at least he had never heard of that happening, and indicated that parking enforcement officers were trained to circle a bike looking for the ticket on the front, sides and back.  If a bike didn’t have a shield he recommended the license plate as a good place to secure the ticket.

The Laguna Police Department parking enforcement representative said something that really surprised me and it is along the lines of what I told the dude who reached out to me with the question.  He recommended that motorcycle riders take a picture of the pass for their records.  I would love to know if such a picture ever helped the recipient of a ticket ever get out of the fine. Forgive my cynicism but part of me finds that not believable, but I digress.  I am piling on this recommendation and saying I absolutely think motorcycle riders should take pictures of their tickets for their protection.

Ticket givers love to give tickets.  It is their job.  It seems like most people agree that it is nearly impossible to wiggle out of paying them and perhaps not worth the bureaucracy of fighting tickets. I am going to suggest taking the picture of the ticket thing to an extreme.  Here is what I am saying riders should do.

Picture 1:  Picture of the ticket slip

Picture 2: Picture of the ticket slip affixed to the license plate of the motorcycle with license plate clearly visible

Picture 3: A Motorcycle Parking Selfie with you sitting next to rear of the bike with ticket affixed to the rear license plate

Look, I know it is silly.  I just don’t want anyone to get tickets.  While I believe that ticket money goes to keeping Aliso Beach a nice place I am trying to keep more of your money in your pockets.  So motorcycle riders, the rest is up to you.  My work here is done!

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