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Scotty Carter Showroom At Woods Cove Fine Art


Woods Cover Fine Art Gallery

February Art Walk Event At Woods Cove Fine Art Gallery

It has taken several months of hard work, advice, renovations and good people with a shared vision and enthusiasm rallying around the idea of creating opportunities for artists to show art in Laguna Beach, California.  This Thursday, February 4th, 2015, the Scotty Carter Showroom is officially open at Woods Cove Fine Art. We are proud to be a part of this movement in South Laguna Beach.  We invite you to enjoy a night of incredible art, music, good people and refreshments down at the gallery located at 1963 South Coast Highway on the beach side of the  road above the breathtaking Woods Cove in Laguna.  For those visiting galleries on the north end of town that would like to see the Woods Cove Fine Art Gallery, a new stop has been added to the Trolley route that drops off at Diamond Street just south of the gallery.  We believe this will give many people to see the new gallery that may have not come before because it was tough to get to.  That ends this Thursday! Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk now connects with south Laguna via the Trolley, making this new gallery more accessible to residents and families that enjoy this once a month event.

The event is 6-9pm. Come see water sculptures by Scotty Carter including his new distressed wood frame metals in large format and his large canvas speaker unit.  Come test out his speaker unit using bluetooth technology to play your music using a smart phone to communicate and play through the speaker.  It is amazing!  All art sales include something you can’t get at the typical gallery.  Because the gallery is operated by Laguna Foundation For the Arts, a government recognized 5013c charitable organization, a tax deduction is possible with your purchase of art.  30% of the gross sale goes to the foundation which gives you a write-off of that dollar amount at the end of the year.

There will also be music from Jackie Pember and Eric Henderson.  Thursday night will be a great opportunity to see cool art, listen to amazing music and wash the experience all down with a glass of red or white wine!  We hope to see you all down there!  Don’t miss out!

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Art Walk Laguna


Do not miss Art Walk Laguna this Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at Laguna Foundation For The Arts gallery !  Water Sculptures from Scotty Carter will have a half room dedicated to the celebration of water in a portrayal of waves that is extraordinary and beautiful.  No two water sculptures are alike with mind bending intricacies, color and detail.  It may be said that this is the best exhibit yet in the notable career of Scotty Carter as an artist and fine art photographer.  For this gallery and Laguna Beach Art Walk, some of his best work has been curated and displayed as finished products.  You will find that most of the pieces are framed, and the purchaser needs to do nothing but hang it in their desired spot.  There will be a couple of acrylic display pieces that while unframed, are finished and ready for display.  I feel like this is Scotty’s most ambitious, complete showing and that it will be enjoyed and talked about for some time.

In preparation for the December Art Walk Laguna, Tony and Stan are making things happen.  The room Scotty will be exhibited in is close to being finished.  The hanging party will be held tomorrow night or Thursday morning.  There is still much to do but everyone involved is super excited. The floor is being finished and sealed as well as track lighting being installed in the room which will show the art the way it should be.  It is going to be awesome!

Come join us at Art Walk Laguna on Thursday.  Scotty Carter art is a must see and don’t forget, purchases made through Laguna Foundation For the Arts include a 30% tax deductible donation credit. The foundation is a 5013c charitable organization making possible the a valuable tax deduction.

We hope to see you there!

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Art Purchase Tax Write Off


An art purchase tax write off could be the perfect way to acquire art for the home or office while reducing tax liability before the end of 2015. How does this work?  Recently a South Laguna Beach gallery was opened up by the Laguna Foundation For the Arts, a 5013C non-profit company with a mandate to support the arts, education and artists.  Their love of and belief in the importance of arts has transformed itself into a charity that provides a platform for artists to show their work, grants to artists who endure financial hardships that limit their abilities to pursue their talents,and contributions through outreach programs to keep art education and classes offered to students and the community.

Because Laguna Foundation For the Arts is a non-profit, an art purchase at or through the gallery will result in a tax deduction.  The split between Laguna Foundation of the Arts and the artist is 70% artist and 30% to the foundation.  For those interested in purchasing art and getting an art purchase tax write off, the portion of the sale that goes to the foundation is treated like a donation to a non-profit. Buyers get contribution papers reflecting the 30% of the gross sale as a donation to Laguna Foundation For the Arts.  The saying is so overdone, but I have to say this is a win-wn and probably even more important it is a win-win-win.  Artists sales. Buyers get amazing art with a tax deductible contribution to the foundation.  The foundation gets to continue to do its great work supporting artists and art while looking for new projects to take on that benefits everyone involved.

I market for Scotty Carter so I am biased towards his art called Water Sculptures. Yes, I would love to see you buy one of his framed canvases and metals or acrylic display prints, but the truth is that I would be happy if people bought any art at the Laguna Foundation For the Arts Gallery because I believe in the work they do and want to see them expand and grow.



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Laguna Foundation For The Arts


The new South Laguna Gallery for Laguna Foundation For the Arts is a really exciting opportunity.  These types of projects come and go but I am awe struck by the potential for art and artists with this new location in Laguna.  It is going to take some work, but from what I saw last night, there are some really amazing things to come for this non-profit organization that helps promote art and nurture artists needing a platform and venue to show what they can do.  Long gone are the days that I get amped over fly by night things that are sprinkled with fanciful promises that in the end could never be delivered.  When I say that I think this move by Laguna Foundation For the Arts is holding incredible potential, not only do I mean it, but also the sentiment is coming at a maturer version of myself with better discretion.  I believe artists working with the foundation will see benefits they could not ever imagined.  I am definitely going to enjoy watching the progress and the business de

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Water Sculpture

velopment for artists.  Can you tell I am excited about Laguna Foundation For The Arts?  Do I need to get on the roof top and scream that out at the top of my lungs?

I wanted to expand on what Laguna Foundation For The Arts does.  Their mission is to partner with artists and the local community to offer viable locations to promote and sell art.  It is a match made in art heaven.  Artists are talented and have works they would like to sell and LFFTA has the venues for those artists to show the work.  They also work to provide grants to artists that are unable to promote their work due to financial hardship.  The art world definitely needs more of this.  They also provide support for art classes and education with outreach to grade schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

In keeping with their vision to support the arts, they organize and manage locations for artists to show their work every first Thursday of the month as a part of their sponsorship commitment to Laguna Art Walk with opportunities to exhibit at Driftwood, Ocean Avenue Brewery and the Deck. To help market those locations, they use digital flyers for online marketing and social media. With a brilliant sponsorship of The Groove, Laguna’s only FM radio station hosted by Dawn DiMarie Thiery 7-9pm Wednesdays, they have a natural marketing partner that reminds everyone of the art walk in Laguna and tells Laguna about participating artists.  It works really well. Music is often tied into the venues established by Laguna Foundation For the Arts creating a nice event for all that visit.  I am both happy and proud to be a part of a group that is shaking up the art scene in Laguna with their incredible dedication and efforts on behalf of art and artists that need a place to be seen and heard.  What they are doing is a valuable part of both Laguna Beach and artists as communities.

And so a new day has dawned.  Laguna Foundation For the Arts has a gallery in South Laguna Beach.  The property is going through renovations but the vision is clear and exciting things are to come.  Let’s get Laguna Beach Transit to stop at the gallery on its way south so that attendees of the art walk don’t have to walk so far to get there.  It was a great first night and I am extremely excited to do what I can to help them be successful.



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