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Fire Pits Are Serious Business


fire pits are serious business

Fire Pit at Aliso Beach reserved early.

Availability of the fire pits at Aliso Beach is hands down the number one question this website receives.  On July 9th, I was checking the surf and I noticed two things:  1) The sea gulls had thrown the contents of overflowing trashcans all over the beach looking for food scraps and 2) All of the fire pits were attended to by people reserving them for a family day at the beach.  Fire pits are serious business at Aliso Beach and they are first come first serve.  I asked a gentleman who was reserving the fire pit for a family event at the beach what time he had come down to lay claim to the one of 6 fire pits on the sand in Laguna Beach.  What he told me fits with what I have always believed to be true.

There is more demand for the fire pits than there are available fire pits, and if you don’t get their early during the summer, the chances of securing a fire pit evaporate quickly. Technically, he had arrived to save the space and fire pits slightly before the parks opening time of 6:00 am.  County of Orange maintenance workers were their early to haul away the damage beach goers had inflicted on the beach the day prior with trash cans bursting at the seams with wrappers, baggies, cups and bottles spilling over the top and onto the ground.  It wasn’t pretty, but it speaks directly to how popular Aliso Beach is and how much competition there is for the limited space available on a summer day.

I have told anyone that inquires online about the fire pits at Aliso Beach that get there early or forget it.  While this is truly an inconvenient truth, securing a fire pit at Aliso Beach may require showing up before first light, parking on the hill and walking down before the gates open.  It is what it is.  This may be the only way I can say that you have a 95% chance of getting a fire pit during prime beach season.  The man I spoke to also said that he would typically pay kids in the family and friend network to come down and reserve the pits while he keeps a tight grip on extra hours of sleep.  He said that with a grin and as you may be fully aware now, you know fire pits are serious business at Aliso Beach.  It’s the old supply and demand lecture from economics class.  If you indeed want that fire pit for the day, consider there are less fire pits than families who wish to reserve them any summer day or holiday weekend.  Your success in securing a fire pit is dependent on your strategy.  At AlisoBeach.com, we wish you luck!


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Fire Pits


Most of the contact requests and inquiries I get through the website are spam.  There are services offered to me website related that suggest the service providers have studied my business and know exactly how to make me Donald Trump.  That isn’t exactly what they say but I am a fan of Mr. Trump and pay attention to him when he is in the news.  What they do is make claims related to AlisoBeach.Com that suggest they have gone out of their way to analyze the business and website and have poignant thoughts on how I can use their products and services to not be the loser they believe me to be and have a website that it is not in traffic purgatory with no viewership or interest.  I just dramatized the experience a little because I found it entertaining and now let me get back to it.  I admit, I have miscounted the fire pits!  Please note that the fire pits situation may have been different prior to Hurricane Marie.

fire pit, fire pit before hurricane marie

1 of 7 Fire Pits Available For Use At Aliso Beach before waves from Hurricane Marie.

Over the last couple of days, I got an inquiry from Adam Vazquez who wanted to know if the website was correct in saying there were 5 fire pits for public use. I responded to that inquiry today congratulating Adam for catching the error if I was wrong and offering my opinion as to how I might have been wrong if there were more than the 5 fire pits at Aliso Beach as suggested by my site.  I said to myself when I saw it, “How on earth could I have gotten that wrong?”  When I thought about it, I realized that there was probably a 6th fire pit back over by the Sands Cafe on the south end of the beach and tucked up closer to the hill that borders South Pacific Coast Highway.  At one point, I believe I made mental note that I had not given credit on the website for that pit but honestly I don’t remember.

The website at the County of Orange as of today June 11, 2015 indicates that there are 6 fire pits.  I was thinking that I just messed up and that it should be my admission that I simply miscounted.  That could be exactly how this went down.  The interesting thing is that in the minutes before I make a fire pits admission that I was wrong with my tally of 5 fire pits available at Aliso Beach, is that all of the current fire pits were newly issued post Hurricane Marie.  Hurricane Marie with 15-18 foot surf tore Aliso Beach up and destroyed most of the fire pits  in addition to the walkway at the south end.  The County quickly replaced those fire pits so that a popular amenity at Aliso Beach was once again available to local and out of town beach visitors. The honest answer to whether or not the number of fire pits back then was 5 is that I do not know.  It may have been 6 fire pits at Aliso Beach as suggested by the county website or 5 as I believe I counted at one point.

I don’t know what Adam’s true intent was. Did he want to be able to say he caught me and that I was lying?  Does he take great pleasure in correcting someone else? Was it his way of politely saying you should check that out because I think that your count on fire pits at Aliso Beach is inaccurate? I am not sure although the way he wrote the inquiry suggested he might be trying to set me up to discredit me.  Whatever his reasons were I don’t care.  What I told him was that if he was right about questioning the number of fire pits I said were available at Aliso Beach, good for him.  Additionally, I told him that if he was planning to use the fire pits at Aliso Beach that whether it was 5 0r 6 firepits available, it would still require reserving them early so that his party would be able to enjoy a pit.  It is competitive for them year round, but especially in the summer months and warm days.

In my email to Adam I did promise to go check before I made a fire pits admission of having it wrong.  I did go count the fire pits today and with the newly issued fire pits post Hurricane Marie, there are currently 7 fire pits.  Although I am making a fire pits admission of not getting the number correct, the actual number of them as of today is subject to El Nino Driven high surf projected this summer and we shall see how long they last.  We already know the ocean has no problem claiming the beach and fire pits if she so chooses.  There is already sand in the lot from 2 months ago and those types of high tide and high wave combinations threaten the fire pits. In all likelihood, I was wrong with the 5 fire pits with a 6th pit in the corner.  The count that stands of today though, is 7 fire pits, all of which are now in place and post Hurricane Marie.  It looks like I was wrong all the way around.  Thanks Adam for pointing the error out and I will be updating the pages on fire rings as a result of your good work.  As I indicated in the email, please stay in touch so I can send you free Aliso Beach gear.  I do expect to hear from you so that I can honor that.



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