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Music and Art


Music and art go so nicely together, but how do you bring the two perfectly together? Photographer and artist Scotty Carter, has lent his amazing water sculptures to the idea of bringing art and music together and the result is mind blowing.  Utilizing space down at his showroom at the new Laguna Foundation for the Arts Gallery, a 60 x 40 inch water sculpture displayed on canvas and mounted with speakers found the wall for the very first time. When the product was delivered, foundation partner Tony Cox, was playing his music on the speaker as it sat propped up against a wall and on a drop cloth.  I had no idea that it would sound that good and that the speaker art would become a viable product.  The art work plays at the command of a smart phone utilizing downloaded music from Itunes and Pandora and the sound is crisp and clean.  The unit comes with a charger to re-energize the speakers after several months of battery power are depleted.  Needless to say, the placement on the wall of this music and art canvas and the sound living up to the manufacturer’s praises were a part of a very exciting new day in the art world.

After the speaker manufacturer printed and delivered the unit to the gallery, it was clear that we had something, and the sound company that produces them wholeheartedly agreed.  So intrigued by the opportunity to have their speaker units on true art gallery walls, the sound company sent a television crew down to interview Scotty and our printer Sean Mac.  Tony also recognized the potential for cross-promotion and marketing with the unveiling of this new product and had a skilled construction guy there to finish a gallery wall specifically for the shoot.  The construction guy happens also to be a prestigious and well-known sculptor who has been commissioned by presidents for work.  Nick Hernandez Sr., a long time Laguna Beach local, is truly amazing.  He finished the wall and hung Scotty’s work.  I have never seen anyone hang a showroom or museum of art more precisely than this man.  It was an absolute pleasure to watch and we learned a thing or two from him.  We are incredibly grateful for your help Nick!  By the time he was done with his work, that part of the gallery was world class.  It was hung perfectly!

Scotty and our printer Sean MacDonald of Marco Fine Arts were interviewed in a piece that is headed for television.  I am told there is about a week of editing time on the spot but everything went tremendously.  I don’t think I have ever seen Scotty happier about the printing and display of his work.  He is very particular about that, and the way it was displayed in the gallery with Nick leading the effort, was incredible.  The speaker is a cool and modern way to offer Scotty’s work.  Tony, who has a long and notable career in music promotion, also sees huge, huge opportunities that we have agreed to explore together. What a tremendous gift it is to be a part of the Laguna Foundation For the Arts Gallery with a dedicated showroom displaying Scotty’s work. This new offering that allows music and art to display and play together is really magical and we are so excited to be a part of it.

When the commercial is out, I will provide more details.  If you get the itch to go down and see it, the address of the gallery is 1963 South Coast Highway in Laguna, California.  You will be surprised by the sound quality and appreciate this new way of combining music and art.  The applications for this in residential and commercial situations are really limitless.  Exciting times indeed!


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Aliso Beach Art


Aliso Beach has always been a favorite place of Scotty Carter. This beach has inspired in him the desire to capture and share it with his Aliso Beach Art.  It is hard not to love the ease of access to the beach, parking, soft sand, swaying palm trees, light breezes and blue-green water.  There are many wonderful and amazing places in our world, but few are more captivating and mesmerizing than Aliso Beach.

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Aliso Beach Art Display

Photography from Scotty Carter comes with the influence of nearly 30 years in the art.  From a print standpoint, there are lots of way to display Aliso Beach Art nicely.  What is appropriate for your home or office depends upon the design and colors of the space.  While some jobs call for modern bling others require a more dated and retro look.  Canvases, metals, acrylics and bamboo prints with a variety of framing options ranging from the ornate and colorful to the simple and understated.  There is something for everyone and for every hanging opportunity.  As long as thought is given to the space, image chosen, image sizes, colors and framing types it is a certainty that the end result will be a signature art piece in your home or office.

One of the things we have learned over the years is that when you go big, the impact is magnified to a presentation that is undeniable.  A recent print job featured a house full of larger format pieces including the pictured above 8 foot Organized Chaos featuring a Santa Ana Wind, wildfire event influenced sunset over a twisting Aliso Beach wave trying to overcome an impressive backwash.

Having ridden, videoed, photographed and hung out at Aliso Beach for 30 years, it is no surprise to me that Aliso Beach Art is so central to what Scotty does.  This is one of my favorite pieces from Scotty Carter, and his detailed eye produces work with a look that is off the beat and path of the typical photographer.  This shot is from 2003 from a film file, a far cry from the digital revolution based photography that produces a new model camera every year in the mold of new cars and IPhones.  I am not sure that camera makers are in this for anything other than bilking people out of their hard earned cash but that is the racket today.  Whether he is using a 100k camera or an outdated Canon Camera, Scotty is very particular about what he shoots and how it looks before releasing it online or for sale. Because he is discerning, his Aliso Beach Art has always truly portrayed this Laguna coastal spot in the best way possible.  My belief is that this is as it should be.

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