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Aliso Beach Your Home


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Aliso Beach is a special, special place for me in Laguna.  It is a favorite spot of water photographer and filmmaker Scotty Carter, who over the course of working on helping to promote his photographic art, has become extended family.  With his work, the team at Aliso Beach can help you Aliso Beach your home with the incredible photography of waterman Scotty Carter.

The smell of the ocean, the merciless pounding of its shore break waves, the soothing breezes, the aqua-green water color, and the coastal hills offer a tranquil setting to beach goers while the body boarders,  soft top surfers, and the skim boarders all make this an interesting and spirited community that I have enjoyed being a part of.

One of the ways we humans show our appreciation for the natural environments we covet is to display art featuring it.  Why?  It is not explainable in many ways, but we are so deeply connected to nature that the places we experience leave a mark on us that is both unforgettable and difficult to explain. Our homes are a reflection of who we are and the art reminds us of the outdoor settings that in part define us. We are moved by sun, sea, waves and coastal breezes. This little place we call Aliso Beach is one of those locations that leaves us better than we were before we visited!  You can’t put a price on the wonder, tranquility and soothing that this incredible slice of Laguna Beach delivers.

If you love Aliso Beach, and would like to include Aliso Beach art and imagery in your home, contact me at info@alisobeach.com.  If you are like me, you love Aliso Beach and it is a part of you.  I recommend the 72 x 48″ size because you can look up at and feel like you are in the barrel.  It’s priceless!



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Aliso Beach Art


Aliso Beach has always been a favorite place of Scotty Carter. This beach has inspired in him the desire to capture and share it with his Aliso Beach Art.  It is hard not to love the ease of access to the beach, parking, soft sand, swaying palm trees, light breezes and blue-green water.  There are many wonderful and amazing places in our world, but few are more captivating and mesmerizing than Aliso Beach.

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Aliso Beach Art Display

Photography from Scotty Carter comes with the influence of nearly 30 years in the art.  From a print standpoint, there are lots of way to display Aliso Beach Art nicely.  What is appropriate for your home or office depends upon the design and colors of the space.  While some jobs call for modern bling others require a more dated and retro look.  Canvases, metals, acrylics and bamboo prints with a variety of framing options ranging from the ornate and colorful to the simple and understated.  There is something for everyone and for every hanging opportunity.  As long as thought is given to the space, image chosen, image sizes, colors and framing types it is a certainty that the end result will be a signature art piece in your home or office.

One of the things we have learned over the years is that when you go big, the impact is magnified to a presentation that is undeniable.  A recent print job featured a house full of larger format pieces including the pictured above 8 foot Organized Chaos featuring a Santa Ana Wind, wildfire event influenced sunset over a twisting Aliso Beach wave trying to overcome an impressive backwash.

Having ridden, videoed, photographed and hung out at Aliso Beach for 30 years, it is no surprise to me that Aliso Beach Art is so central to what Scotty does.  This is one of my favorite pieces from Scotty Carter, and his detailed eye produces work with a look that is off the beat and path of the typical photographer.  This shot is from 2003 from a film file, a far cry from the digital revolution based photography that produces a new model camera every year in the mold of new cars and IPhones.  I am not sure that camera makers are in this for anything other than bilking people out of their hard earned cash but that is the racket today.  Whether he is using a 100k camera or an outdated Canon Camera, Scotty is very particular about what he shoots and how it looks before releasing it online or for sale. Because he is discerning, his Aliso Beach Art has always truly portrayed this Laguna coastal spot in the best way possible.  My belief is that this is as it should be.

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Aliso Beach Art Story


I have never held back on my affection for Aliso Beach. It is a beach and place for the ages in Laguna Beach.  I was driving through Laguna the other day and stopped to see if I could surf before tending to things I needed to get done.  The wind wasn’t playing nice but I did run into a friend Chris Mitchell from the body boarding community.  Chris is a standout body body boarder that has a penchant for taking on the biggest and nastiest waves Southern California has to offer and he does it with a boyish smile and enthusiasm that makes you appreciate him as a rider and a person.

That day he had his twin boys with him as he often does and was just trying to will the winds and waves at Aliso Beach into something special.  The effort fell short but I as I have come accustomed to doing, enjoyed shooting the breeze with Chris and talking to his boys.  These kids have sheepish grins and a clever and fun way of talking about anything and all things.  I can’t think of one time that those two kids with how they interact with adults where they didn’t make me laugh and smile.

Aliso Beach Art

A wave in a single moment in time shared by friends that became art.

I got to talking with Chris and he was asking me if I knew what his new art purchase from Scotty Carter was.  I told him that I did and I acknowledged that a piece that big would be the largest piece we had ever done.  Chris had an IPhone 5c with no phone case on it so I tested one of our IPhone 5 Cases on it with another shot from Aliso Beach.  We learned that day that the IPhone 5 cases fit the 5c, 5s and 5’s all at the same time.  I had no idea and had been told there were no cases for the 5C.  Among the other things we talked about, he told me a little bit about the Scotty Carter Aliso Beach shot that purchased on a 75 inch canvas a few years back.  It turns out that he was on the beach with Scotty the day that photo was taken.  By any standards, that shot was and is an incredible capture.  Chris finds himself emotionally tied to that piece because Scotty and he shared the awe when that thing stood up and pitched the way it did while they were on the sand at Aliso Beach.  For me, it kind of humanizes the art in a way.  That day and sharing the time entranced by one wave of many at Aliso is something he will never forget.  He has a piece at home that will forever remind him of that day and I think that is an Aliso Beach Art Story worth sharing!

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