Sunset Peace


sunset peace, sunset, Aliso Beach, Laguna, California

Sunset at Aliso Beach in Laguna, California.

Aliso Beach graciously offers sunset peace to all those that come looking for it. Life is noisy! Politics, traffic, relationship drama, social media, work, kids, school, health, illness, deadlines, bills and too many more to list are things that demand our attention, distract us, occupy our time, consume us, and frustrate us.  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed these things are not foreign to anyone in my opinion.  Because of the pressure life puts on us, it is wise to find places that bring calm, settle us down, quite the noise and refresh us.

I have always said that the experience of Aliso Beach does that for me and I often hear people from Laguna Beach say that the coastal environment there centers them.  The Fall Season says good bye to summer beach crowding, traffic congestion, full parking lots and an extra hour or two of daylight at the end of the day.  Heading to Aliso to take in a sunset is the perfect way to escape the pressures in life that suck the energy out of us.  You should try it.

Cool ocean breezes, palm tree fronds swaying in the wind, the parking lot view extending to Catalina and San Clemente Island, and the glow of the setting sun over the Pacific signaling the end of another day are magnificent.  You will enjoy the lack of crowds and are free to decompress and enjoy a moment of solitude.  This moment is so important in the craziness that has become our lives.  Dare I say we absolutely need those moments? It is a resounding yes that people need to slow themselves down long enough to appreciate the natural beauty of our world and to quite the noise long enough to exhale.  I would call this soothing the soul and you don’t need permission to go do this.  Finding peace requires a conscientious decision to reverse the impact of the stresses of daily life with the rejuvenation of the sunset experience at Aliso Beach.  Sunset peace is very real, and although there are many exquisite and beautiful beaches in the Laguna Beach area, Aliso Beach is accessible when getting to the beach before the sun escapes below the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.


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