Aliso Beach IPhone Cases

We tried a couple of different printers and phone case manufacturers to get us to where we are now with phone cases.  We had to take our lumps and learn some lessons to get to the point where we could make a claim that we had Aliso Beach IPhone 4 cases.

We worked with 2 rather well-known case printers, and what we found was that we were offering phone cases that did not live up to our expectations.  Both cases had issues with breaking when dropped and neither displayed the Aliso Beach Art like our current printer does.  We weren’t okay with the idea that people could spend all that money and have to replace their IPhone Cases the first time they dropped.  We were pleased that no one lost an IPhone but disenchanted with the idea that people would come back to us unhappy their cases broke.

Eventually, we found a home for our Aliso Beach IPhone Cases and the printing. We are grateful that this printer was able to help us select a slim case, that protected the phone, displayed the art well, and didn’t break when it was dropped. Nobody that we have sold a case to has broken their IPhone yet, and we have solved the problem with phone cases breaking.  We use a flexible case material that absorbs the beatings you folks put on your phones when you drop them.  The result is an Aliso Beach IPhone Case that stands up to the falls, protects the phone and rocks the art.  Did I mention, they are less expensive than the two manufacturers and printers that we tried before and had breakage issues with?  I did now!

Below are the IPhone Models that we offer through the website.

Aliso Beach IPhone 4 Case

Aliso Beach IPhone 4S Case

Aliso Beach IPhone 5 Case

Aliso Beach IPhone 5S Case

Aliso Beach IPhone 6 Case?

We know the 6 will be here some day.  We might as well tell you that we will be carrying it when it does, if we can help it!



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