Aliso Beach Dye Sublimation Metal Prints

Just the sound of Aliso Beach metal prints sounds cool, but what is this dye sublimation thing?  Dye Sublimation is a printing process that ends up in a very unique and brilliant showing piece of art.  The initial print process begins with the ink being applied to a transfer paper.  When the transfer paper is hot from the original step in the print process, the transfer paper is applied to the aluminum.  What you get is a colorful and shiny print that will stand out in any location you hang the art.  They pop! We are offering Aliso Beach Dye Sublimation Metal Prints through the website with 30% of the proceeds going back to charities and environmental groups that advocate for and the restoration and protection of the Aliso Beach marine ecosystem. You get Aliso Beach artwork at a discounted rate and help contribute to keeping this valuable natural resource so that future generations may enjoy it! The dye sublimation prints come in a small, medium and large size.  They make a great edition to any home or commercial venue.  If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a special event, birthday or Christmas, Aliso Beach Dye Sublimation Metal Prints will be received well!

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