Aliso Beach Acrylic Blocks

What happens when we take an Aliso Beach Art Print and display it behind a half inch of acrylic?  You get Aliso Beach Acrylic Blocks that are incredible pieces of art that may either be put on a table or shelf with a display stand or hang on the wall.  The choice is yours.

Putting together the Aliso Beach Acrylic Blocks starts with an 8 inch length by 1o inch width Aliso Beach Art Print using luster or pearl essence metallic paper.  It is affixed to an acrylic backing with a 1/2 inch sheet of acrylic that goes over the print.  The acrylic block gives the art a shiny and fashionable presentation that allows you to display your favorite Aliso Beach image from Scotty Carter in striking fashion.  Now all you have to do is decide which Aliso Beach work of art you like the best!  Decisions!  Decisions!

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