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As you may know, I got involved in a request for help related to locating a special pair of glasses for a young man with a recent eye surgery that required their use post operation.  Miraculously that worked out well with glasses reunited with mother and child late last week.  Most of the things lost at the beach are things like flip flops, shoes, clothing, towels, toys and sunglasses.  When you leave these things at the beach, it is typically like making a sacrifice to the beach.  You almost never recover stuff like this and fortunately, most of the time these items are lost it isn’t so financially painful that getting the items back would seriously hurt someone financially.  In the case of the recovered glasses, the expense of the custom infant glasses was exorbitant and the time it would take to manufacture and work through the insurance process was a lengthy 30 days.  Glasses may be the most likely to be turned in because people understand how important they are to the individual.  People need the glasses.  All the other items are not viewed as important and are likely discarded by beach maintenance crews at Aliso Beach.

Imagine being at Aliso Beach and realizing your 24 carat diamond wedding ring, gold necklace or fancy watch is missing.  Panic sets in as you frantically attempt to turn over every grain of sand you can hoping to find a needle in a haystack.  I think it is fair to say this situation really sucks! In trying to determine if there was a lost and found at Aliso Beach while perusing the internet, I stumbled upon this company that has created a directory of metal detecting enthusiasts who may be contracted to find those precious items lost at the beach.  Chris Turner is from Vancouver, Canada and he has built a platform organizing metal detecting experts so that those that lost precious items would know where to look to significantly increase the likelihood of recovery.  Ring Finders is the portal and clearly this is a valuable service that is producing results for people who believed there valuables could very well be lost for good.  Personally, I thought this was cool.  If you have been alive and old enough to have a really expensive piece of jewelry, more than likely you have either lost something valuable yourself or you know someone that has.

While online, I stumbled upon a  story featuring a Ring Finder Metal Detecting Expert Stan Ross who made some new, extremely grateful fans finding their wedding rings in the mounds of soft sand that make up Aliso Beach.  You may read more about Stan’s success at Aliso Beach by clicking the link above.  I am quite sure that if more people knew about this service that they would use it to their advantage.  I can’t imagine all of the wedding rings, engagement rings, watches and other valuable jewelry that is lost to the swallowing properties of Aliso Beach sand.  What I can see is that Stan Ross and Ring Finders could be used by people that lose items to the sand at Aliso Beach that they might otherwise have given up on.  That makes it a valuable, valuable service.  Stan Ross represents Ring Finders Aliso Beach and beaches in the greater Orange County, California area and coastline.  Testimonials on the Ring Finder Website and Stan Ross’ Ring Finders Blog should give those who find the website and contact information a ton of hope!


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