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Water, Light And Energy: Scotty Carter

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We would love to hear from you.  Please use the form on our Contact Us page for anything at all.  Feedback of any sort using our Contact Us page is welcomed.  With the Aliso Beach Website, we intend for this to be a community based website where others are able to contribute.  Aliso Beach is a special place to many people and how they feel about this South Laguna Beach is based upon a collection of memories, stories and experiences that are very personal.  We are hoping that a website that advocates for the preservation and clean up of Aliso Creek and the beach resonates with the community and encourages them to get involved.  We are in the process of deciding on who the charities are that will receive a percentage of the proceeds of the sale of Aliso Beach Art Work from Scotty Carter.  It is our way of honoring a beach that has meant so much to us and continues to be a part of our lives.

You are welcomed to contact us for any reason at all.  We value your feedback and are happy to hear from you.  Here are some of the things that you may want to contact us for:

1) Suggestions For Improvement Of The Website

You may contact us with suggestions on the website.  Using feedback to improve the website experience and to stay true to our vow to honor Aliso Beach is a good thing. Any and all thoughts related to improving this website will be met with enthusiasm.

2)  You Would Like to Contribute To The Website

That would be awesome.  Contact us with any thoughts on how you may contribute to the website and make it better.  Aliso Beach has provided so many good memories and it is such a part of the South Laguna Beach Culture that we would expect that some of you will want to participate.  We welcome that.  We are always looking for guest bloggers that would like to write for our site with back links to their own websites.

3)  You Have A Question Related To Aliso Beach Art Offered By Scotty Carter Or Have Seen His Work Elsewhere And Have Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have seen a Scotty Carter Art Work featuring Aliso Beach that you do not see on the Aliso Beach Website.  When we sell his art work through the Aliso Beach Website, 30% of the proceeds will go to a charity making a difference in the protection and preservation of Aliso Beach.

4)  You Have An Event In The Aliso Beach Area That You Want Help Getting The Word Out On

No problem.  Contact us about your events related to Aliso Beach and surrounding beach areas and we will be happy to help you attract attention to your event.  We will provide details on your event, blog about it, write press releases and back link to your website or blog.

5) You Want To Advertise On Aliso Beach Website

If the Montage Laguna Beach or the Canyon Lodge would like to advertise on the Aliso Beach Website we would be open to that.  We would also be open to advertising requests of small businesses in close proximity to Aliso Beach.  Contact us if you think that your business or service is appropriate for advertising on the Aliso Beach Website.

6) You Have Stories To Tell About Aliso Beach But Don’t Want To Write It.

Definitely Contact Us.  Aliso Beach is a collection of  personal experiences, memories, and histories that contain valuable information about Aliso Beach through time and to the present.  We would love to hear from you.

7) You Want To Feature Your Work On Aliso Beach Website

Contact us for opportunities to highlight your art work that is tied to Aliso Beach.  It could be photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, mixed media, air brushing, jewelry or any other work that ties into Aliso Beach.  We are still formulating a plan on how to include the art work of others but there are ways to help shine the spotlight on your work using the Aliso Beach Website.

Contact us at using the form on this page or email us at   If you have any questions, ideas on how to improve the site, interest in a particular Aliso Beach art work by Scotty Carter not available on the website, and opportunities to contribute to the site, we are happy to hear from you.  All inquiries are welcomed!  Aliso Beach is a special place.  It is truly a gift of nature and it has provided so many joyful moments for beach visitors and wave riders throughout history.  This website is about and for the protection, preservation and honoring of Aliso Beach.  All feedback is considered for the improvement of the Aliso Beach website.

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