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Including Laguna Sea Candy


Several months back I wrote about meeting Sean and Olivia who are a dynamic duo couple that produces a beautiful jewelry line using sea glass, molded by the sea water and fine sands of Aliso Beach.  I really liked the idea of taking something that was essentially garbage tossed into the sea and creating something that people would embrace as fashion and gladly wear as jewelry. You really should see their pieces as they are incredible.

I curated an art show with Noll Surfboards in San Clemente featuring the work of photographers Benjamin Ginsberg, Scotty Carter and Aaron Goulding as well as original paintings and reproductions from Jeff Albrecht.  I knew going in that the art work that lined the gallery walls would be exceptional so that the presentation was stunning was expected.  What did surprise me was that we were able to raise close to $450.00 with a charity raffle that was packed with incredible prizes.  I invited Sean and Olivia down to the gallery event and purchased $50.00 worth of Sea Candy jewelry to give away during the raffle.  These two are definitely young people that I have become a fan of and I wanted to show their company some love and support.  It isn’t hard to look at the business these two have put together and appreciate the concept and success.

There is another thing I wanted to do for these young entrepreneurs.  I wanted to include them in a classy and successful event because I know that they were taking notes and will find ways to be involved in charity moving forward.  The key to having a good raffle is securing desirable prizes.  We were successful at that with prizes that included Laguna Sea Candy jewelry, art, phone cases, a spa treatment and a Grip Dat for IPhone 5. As a national fraternity member with a mandate to work with national charities, I learned to enjoy giving back so having success at this event raising money for charity is like a badge of honor and a source of great pride.  Hopefully everyone that was there that night was positively impacted by the charitable aspect of the art show and finds ways to get involved with legitimate charities representing causes that are close to their hearts. As you know, charities always need our help!  Olivia and Sean are doing great things in the Laguna Beach community with this business and I will continue to develop creative ways to include them in art events with charitable causes.  I hope they enjoyed being there as much as I loved having them as a part of our event.  Knowing what I know about these two young go getters I am able to confidently say they will be leaders in this coastal community and will do some of their own charitable raffles and work and we will be right there to contribute product and support to their raffles.  That is how it is done!

Let’s do it again in the near future Laguna Sea Candy!



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