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Fire Pits Are Serious Business


fire pits are serious business

Fire Pit at Aliso Beach reserved early.

Availability of the fire pits at Aliso Beach is hands down the number one question this website receives.  On July 9th, I was checking the surf and I noticed two things:  1) The sea gulls had thrown the contents of overflowing trashcans all over the beach looking for food scraps and 2) All of the fire pits were attended to by people reserving them for a family day at the beach.  Fire pits are serious business at Aliso Beach and they are first come first serve.  I asked a gentleman who was reserving the fire pit for a family event at the beach what time he had come down to lay claim to the one of 6 fire pits on the sand in Laguna Beach.  What he told me fits with what I have always believed to be true.

There is more demand for the fire pits than there are available fire pits, and if you don’t get their early during the summer, the chances of securing a fire pit evaporate quickly. Technically, he had arrived to save the space and fire pits slightly before the parks opening time of 6:00 am.  County of Orange maintenance workers were their early to haul away the damage beach goers had inflicted on the beach the day prior with trash cans bursting at the seams with wrappers, baggies, cups and bottles spilling over the top and onto the ground.  It wasn’t pretty, but it speaks directly to how popular Aliso Beach is and how much competition there is for the limited space available on a summer day.

I have told anyone that inquires online about the fire pits at Aliso Beach that get there early or forget it.  While this is truly an inconvenient truth, securing a fire pit at Aliso Beach may require showing up before first light, parking on the hill and walking down before the gates open.  It is what it is.  This may be the only way I can say that you have a 95% chance of getting a fire pit during prime beach season.  The man I spoke to also said that he would typically pay kids in the family and friend network to come down and reserve the pits while he keeps a tight grip on extra hours of sleep.  He said that with a grin and as you may be fully aware now, you know fire pits are serious business at Aliso Beach.  It’s the old supply and demand lecture from economics class.  If you indeed want that fire pit for the day, consider there are less fire pits than families who wish to reserve them any summer day or holiday weekend.  Your success in securing a fire pit is dependent on your strategy.  At, we wish you luck!


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A Touching Aliso Beach Drum Circle Story


I am not sure exactly how she found the Aliso Beach Website as opposed to La Vida Laguna but we were happy to pass along a schedule of the drum circle events to Sharon who requested help finding it through our website. When we put up the Aliso Beach website we envisioned helping people enjoy Aliso Beach and the greater community of Laguna Beach.  Aliso Beach and all of Laguna Beach are truly a gift and places worth visiting no matter how far you come to make the stop.

Sharon was the name of the gal who stopped by the website and requested help with the schedule.  She was cordial and I was compelled to help her.  I only knew that the Aliso Beach Drum Circle was scheduled for the full moon night of every month.  Embarrassingly enough, I have yet to make one of the events even though I love drumming events.  I was able to find a schedule on the La Vida Laguna website and was happy to pass that along to Sharon.  She was thankful and had an interesting reason for wanting to locate the schedule.  As she briefly told her story, she was hoping to honor her late husband by attending all of the monthly drum circle events in Laguna Beach, California.  I thought to myself what an amazing tribute that would be to a lost loved one and was happy to be a part of making that happen.

I have to imagine Sharon is a genuine and loving soul.  I do appreciate her reaching out to us because I am always happy to help when I can and as I indicated previously, I felt like she was someone that I was meant to help. There is a story in greater detail to tell I am sure.  Sharon does not know it yet but I am going to reach back out to her to see if I can interview her.  Losing a loved one and then setting a course of action to make every drum circle event in the honor of her fallen lover is a real and compelling human interest story.

I know it is easy to walk out the door every morning and become so disconnected to other people and things that matter to us all.  Sharon’ s story, although I have no detail, is valuable to us.  It emanates love and devotion, and the desire to honor a person that was dear to her.  Her reason for searching for the drum circle schedule tugged at my heart. I am busy like everyone else, but I would not have let an opportunity to help Sharon pass me by. While I really didn’t do anything that I think was too much to ask of someone, I do feel really good about helping Sharon pay tribute to her husband.  At the end of the day, people matter, and I was humbled by the opportunity to help Sharon honor her late husband.  I hope one day she and I have an opportunity to chat!  She sounds like a wonderful lady and her desire to honor her husband is touching and beautiful.

I would like to thank La Vida Laguna for being an advocate of Laguna Beach.  The team at and La Vida Laguna agree that this area of the Southern California Coastline is a special, special place.  Aliso Beach is a soulful place and a great place to hold a drum circle and bonfire.  If you are interested in the drum circle at Aliso Beach the remaining dates for the calendar year 2014 are below:


  • Wednesday, May 14
  • Friday, June 13
  • Saturday, July 12
  • Sunday, August 10
  • Tuesday, September 9
  • Wednesday, October 8
  • Thursday, November 6
  • Saturday, December 6



These dates are courtesy of La Vida Laguna. You can find out more about the amazing folks at La Vida Laguna here. You might be interested to know they have kayaking tours, stand up paddle board tours, catered events, team building exercises and so much more.  I have yet to shake hands with these people but know that we share a kindred spirit because we love the ocean, love Laguna Beach and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. My goal in the next 30 days is to make sure that I meet them.  The woman I spoke of above, Sharon, reached out to us and we were able to help her because of events organized by La Vida Laguna.  There is so much we can do together and I am excited about meeting them.  Thank you Sharon for inspiring me to get out and talk with the folks at La Vida Laguna and I am so pleased to assist you with honoring your late husband.  That is so wonderful and you won’t find a more amazing place than Aliso Beach in Laguna to participate in a drum circle that allows you to honor a lost love!









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