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Scotty Carter Showroom At Woods Cove Fine Art


Woods Cover Fine Art Gallery

February Art Walk Event At Woods Cove Fine Art Gallery

It has taken several months of hard work, advice, renovations and good people with a shared vision and enthusiasm rallying around the idea of creating opportunities for artists to show art in Laguna Beach, California.  This Thursday, February 4th, 2015, the Scotty Carter Showroom is officially open at Woods Cove Fine Art. We are proud to be a part of this movement in South Laguna Beach.  We invite you to enjoy a night of incredible art, music, good people and refreshments down at the gallery located at 1963 South Coast Highway on the beach side of the  road above the breathtaking Woods Cove in Laguna.  For those visiting galleries on the north end of town that would like to see the Woods Cove Fine Art Gallery, a new stop has been added to the Trolley route that drops off at Diamond Street just south of the gallery.  We believe this will give many people to see the new gallery that may have not come before because it was tough to get to.  That ends this Thursday! Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk now connects with south Laguna via the Trolley, making this new gallery more accessible to residents and families that enjoy this once a month event.

The event is 6-9pm. Come see water sculptures by Scotty Carter including his new distressed wood frame metals in large format and his large canvas speaker unit.  Come test out his speaker unit using bluetooth technology to play your music using a smart phone to communicate and play through the speaker.  It is amazing!  All art sales include something you can’t get at the typical gallery.  Because the gallery is operated by Laguna Foundation For the Arts, a government recognized 5013c charitable organization, a tax deduction is possible with your purchase of art.  30% of the gross sale goes to the foundation which gives you a write-off of that dollar amount at the end of the year.

There will also be music from Jackie Pember and Eric Henderson.  Thursday night will be a great opportunity to see cool art, listen to amazing music and wash the experience all down with a glass of red or white wine!  We hope to see you all down there!  Don’t miss out!

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Music and Art


Music and art go so nicely together, but how do you bring the two perfectly together? Photographer and artist Scotty Carter, has lent his amazing water sculptures to the idea of bringing art and music together and the result is mind blowing.  Utilizing space down at his showroom at the new Laguna Foundation for the Arts Gallery, a 60 x 40 inch water sculpture displayed on canvas and mounted with speakers found the wall for the very first time. When the product was delivered, foundation partner Tony Cox, was playing his music on the speaker as it sat propped up against a wall and on a drop cloth.  I had no idea that it would sound that good and that the speaker art would become a viable product.  The art work plays at the command of a smart phone utilizing downloaded music from Itunes and Pandora and the sound is crisp and clean.  The unit comes with a charger to re-energize the speakers after several months of battery power are depleted.  Needless to say, the placement on the wall of this music and art canvas and the sound living up to the manufacturer’s praises were a part of a very exciting new day in the art world.

After the speaker manufacturer printed and delivered the unit to the gallery, it was clear that we had something, and the sound company that produces them wholeheartedly agreed.  So intrigued by the opportunity to have their speaker units on true art gallery walls, the sound company sent a television crew down to interview Scotty and our printer Sean Mac.  Tony also recognized the potential for cross-promotion and marketing with the unveiling of this new product and had a skilled construction guy there to finish a gallery wall specifically for the shoot.  The construction guy happens also to be a prestigious and well-known sculptor who has been commissioned by presidents for work.  Nick Hernandez Sr., a long time Laguna Beach local, is truly amazing.  He finished the wall and hung Scotty’s work.  I have never seen anyone hang a showroom or museum of art more precisely than this man.  It was an absolute pleasure to watch and we learned a thing or two from him.  We are incredibly grateful for your help Nick!  By the time he was done with his work, that part of the gallery was world class.  It was hung perfectly!

Scotty and our printer Sean MacDonald of Marco Fine Arts were interviewed in a piece that is headed for television.  I am told there is about a week of editing time on the spot but everything went tremendously.  I don’t think I have ever seen Scotty happier about the printing and display of his work.  He is very particular about that, and the way it was displayed in the gallery with Nick leading the effort, was incredible.  The speaker is a cool and modern way to offer Scotty’s work.  Tony, who has a long and notable career in music promotion, also sees huge, huge opportunities that we have agreed to explore together. What a tremendous gift it is to be a part of the Laguna Foundation For the Arts Gallery with a dedicated showroom displaying Scotty’s work. This new offering that allows music and art to display and play together is really magical and we are so excited to be a part of it.

When the commercial is out, I will provide more details.  If you get the itch to go down and see it, the address of the gallery is 1963 South Coast Highway in Laguna, California.  You will be surprised by the sound quality and appreciate this new way of combining music and art.  The applications for this in residential and commercial situations are really limitless.  Exciting times indeed!


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Funny Cell Phone Case Story


So, I was preparing to represent Aliso Beach artist and photographer Scotty Carter down at an event this weekend when I found out that there was a communication snafu related to beer.  This is the beginning of the funny cell phone case story and you will get it in the end.  I promise!

I was going to provide a couple of kegs for the event and was looking for a contribution sheet from a charity that benefits the ocean and never got one.  This lead to a panicked conversation with the event organizer who told me that he needed me to come through.  Great, so now I was going to have to pay for the kegs which I decided I would just do.  All I asked for was some help related to the tap, ice and a trash can.  Not too much to ask, right?  Apparently it was and I just had to throw the whole responsibility on my back, suck it up, part with the dough and make it happen.  It almost cost me my IPhone 6Plus.

I tried a local liquor store for the tap and they were no help.  Supermarkets in the city needed 3 day advance notice and would only rent based on the purchase of kegs retail at their location. I was hoping that when I delivered the kegs to the location a half an hour before the event was to go live that I would be in the clear and be able to talk to people about art.  Needless to say it didn’t go that way.

BevMo in Laguna Hills came through for me once before and it was time to go back to old reliable.  I picked up the tap and got back on the freeway knowing I still needed a trashcan and ice.  I raced back to San Clemente and stopped off at Denaults Hardware for a trashcan and then tried to conclude the adventure at Rite Aid where I carted 5 large bags of ice up to the counter and found myself buried behind 5 people with one cashier.  Gotta love it!  By the time I got out of Rite Aid with ice and to the car, I was sweating profusely.

In my rush to get the ice to the car, I left my cell phone in its case on top of the vehicle and raced back down El Camino Real to the event.  When I parked the car in the cramped lot, I blocked a lady in and had to make sure she would be there for 15 minutes so I could unload.  When she said it would be okay, I got out of the car and realized my cell phone in its case was perched on top of the car.  Can you hear the relief?  Laying on the side of the case it had not moved even though the journey from Rite Aid back to the event took a downward sloping course on El Camino Real.  Honestly, I think I got a serious break!  Maybe the case played a role in the phone not slipping off the car as I raced back to location.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that in my hurried state, I almost cost myself a pricey phone and the hassle of replacing the phone would have been extremely frustrating.  Being able to tell you the funny cell phone case story is clearly preferable to telling you that this smart guy left his phone on his car and had it slip off and into traffic while driving away.  Trust me it has been done before, and it isn’t just me.

Oh and by the way, I had to go get some cups because there weren’t enough of those either.  I was so dehydrated running around and sweating like a pig, so I went to 7-11 down the street.  I need a water and figured that there weren’t enough cups so rather than be the bad guy who took care of the kegs, the trash can, and the ice, I decided the cups were a protection I might need against the thirsty.  I did not let them down.  After sitting in the car with the air conditioning running full blast to cool down, I changed my shirt and walked across the street and confirmed the cups were in short supply.  Who would have guessed?

That was an interesting day for sure and I am pleased to tell you my phone is doing fine.  I do believe that my cell phone case saved that phone from sliding off the car. As a marketer for art and someone that has organized several art events, one thing has always wrung true no matter who is at fault.  My fraternity brother always used to say this.  So Brian Vitek used to say, ” Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”! That is absolutely correct.  Nobody wants the stress of running around last minute like that and while I don’t mind telling the funny cell phone case story, it could just have easily been how I left the phone and case on top of my car rolling it into traffic and having smashed by cars behind me.  Even worse yet it could have rolled over the front of my car with my back wheels picking of my own phone.  All is well that end’s well….I guess!


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Scotty Carter Art Work At Timmy Patterson Surf Shop


Aliso Beach photographer Scotty Carter Art Work is on display at the Timmy Patterson Surf Shop and The Mint Gallery today from 12-6 pm.  This is their yearly event that ties into the amazing surfing display put on by the world’s best men and women down at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California.  As a photographer and artist, Scotty was first published as a result of his documentation of and work featuring Aliso Beach in Laguna, California.

water sculpture, inspiration, fine art, Scotty Carter

Water Sculpture By Scotty Carter

The show is an Art Show Fundraiser Rider’s Unite Hosted By Timmy Patterson, the Mint Gallery and Red Dress Events.  There is a silent auction benefiting Surfrider Foundation.  I got a chance to see the curated walls a couple of days ago and it is tastefully done with some incredible artists.  I will be down there today at the event between 1;30 and 4:30 pm representing Scotty Carter and happy to answer any questions related to the art, printing styles and framing options.  We have added two new pieces to the gallery that are double frame stacked canvases that are absolutely incredible.  The color and detail in his water sculptures are mesmerizing.  Hope to see you down there for the event and many thanks to Mark Gabriel, The Mint, Timmy Patterson and Red Dress Events for being included in this event.

Beyond this event, I will be available on an appointment basis to come down and discuss Scotty Carter art purchase options, printing styles and framing options.  My contact details are below.




Phone:  714-253-2899


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Art Show at Noll Surfboards


Art Marketeur, Noll Surfboards, Art Show, Scotty Carter, Ben Ginsberg, Aarong Goulding

Noll Surfborads Art Show

My intention for the Aliso Beach website is to promote artists and split the profits between the artist and charities that benefit Aliso Beach and Laguna area coastal water and marine ecosystem health.  It some point it will indeed mean that I put together an Art Show featuring carefully selected Aliso Beach photographers and artists.  With experience representing artists in Art Walk, Exhibition and Gallery arrangements, I have built a template for shows.  The work isn’t easy and the preparation is significant but I enjoy putting them on.

Currently, I have an Art Show organized for Noll Surfboards on May 23rd featuring 3 really gifted photographers and a surprise artist which will be announced a little closer to the show.  As constructed this isn’t any old show.  The show features 3 of the most gifted photographers I know in Scotty Carter, Aaron Goulding and Ben Ginsberg.  All three have been published in major surf related publications and have an expertise that is worth noting.

The art show has a couple of features that make it worth attending.

1) The show will feature 4 artists including 3 of the best coastal photographers in Southern California and a painter that will be a surprise.

2) There is an invite only champagne hour for special guests, art collectors and art related industry professionals.

3) There is music from the incredible Aja Lee, the gifted Ukulele player and singer from South San Diego.

4) There is a Tequila Tasting from El Perdido.

5) There is food, wine and beer as well!

6) There is a charity raffle that benefits Wings For Life.  By the way, there are some incredible prizes including phone cases, matted prints, framed aluminum pieces, sea glass jewelry and so much more.  Some folks are going to walk out of this show making out like bandits with lots of loot.

7)  The art and artists are fantastic and the host Noll Surfboards Jed, Candace and Travis are some of the finest people I know.  It is always a treat to do shows with them.



VIP Champagne Hour (Special Invite Only) 5:30-6:30 pm

General Admission Art Show:  6:30-9:30 Pm

Music by Aja Lee 6:30-8:00 Pm

Food:  Won’t Last Long 6:30 Pm until its gone.

Tequila Tasting:  5:30 Pm until its gone

Charity Raffle With AAAAAMAZING Prizes 8:30 pm


Hope to see you all there!




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