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Scotty Carter Art Work At Timmy Patterson Surf Shop


Aliso Beach photographer Scotty Carter Art Work is on display at the Timmy Patterson Surf Shop and The Mint Gallery today from 12-6 pm.  This is their yearly event that ties into the amazing surfing display put on by the world’s best men and women down at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California.  As a photographer and artist, Scotty was first published as a result of his documentation of and work featuring Aliso Beach in Laguna, California.

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Water Sculpture By Scotty Carter

The show is an Art Show Fundraiser Rider’s Unite Hosted By Timmy Patterson, the Mint Gallery and Red Dress Events.  There is a silent auction benefiting Surfrider Foundation.  I got a chance to see the curated walls a couple of days ago and it is tastefully done with some incredible artists.  I will be down there today at the event between 1;30 and 4:30 pm representing Scotty Carter and happy to answer any questions related to the art, printing styles and framing options.  We have added two new pieces to the gallery that are double frame stacked canvases that are absolutely incredible.  The color and detail in his water sculptures are mesmerizing.  Hope to see you down there for the event and many thanks to Mark Gabriel, The Mint, Timmy Patterson and Red Dress Events for being included in this event.

Beyond this event, I will be available on an appointment basis to come down and discuss Scotty Carter art purchase options, printing styles and framing options.  My contact details are below.




Phone:  714-253-2899


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Fall Season


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Fall Season Aliso Beach

The weather is still warm but mornings become a little cooler as we head for the fall season.  Kids are back in school and the volume of people in Laguna and at Laguna Beaches drops.  Less people are in the water and in the way with the warm water and South Swells we enjoy. It is the time of year that locals gladly take back their beaches.  I don’t say that because we don’t want people to come visit, and we certainly understand the value of tourist dollars entering the city of Laguna Beach.  The problem is that in the summer, locals get overrun by visitors and tourists at Aliso Beach and neighboring beaches to an extent that we are pushed out.

Again, I would like to make the point that we share our local beaches.  Coastal living for us means being at the beach daily.  It is a lifestyle that we enjoy and embrace as a part of who we are.  Aliso Beach centers us and keeps us sane.  Outside of summer, we can get into the parking lot at any time, whereas a typical summer day at Aliso Beach, the lot is full by as early as 10:00 am. For us wave riders, this nuance of Aliso Beach summers means that if we don’t get to the beach early, we aren’t parking.  On days that we work and can’t get there in the morning, and on days that the tide and swell aren’t right until later in the afternoon, we are squeezed out of our beach. To put this more bluntly, we often can’t enjoy the beaches we know and love. The pain of this stings a little because for so many of us, the beach gives us a calm that makes everything okay.

For many of us, the summer crowds at Aliso Beach are too much!  Many of us shy away from the beach if we are not there early. It hurts a little to see that the Aliso Beach parking lots are full.  There is even no space on the hill on South Coast Highway or in the secondary lot across the street.  The snack bar has a line of hungry people. Trash cans are full of trash and the bees are interested in the half eaten food and drinks tossed away.  Doing what they do, the bees can be annoying.  Some folks are kinder to our beach than others when it comes to removing their trash. If we are lucky enough to get some water time, the beach is stacked with people creating a maze of people lying on towels, huddling under beach umbrellas and reserving the fire pits  to get out of and back to our cars in the parking lot. Sea gulls look for unsuspecting beach goers to swipe food from. Lines of people wait to wash the sand off at a single shower.  Restrooms accommodate many people and  become a little nasty. There are too many people in the water making it really difficult to catch any waves where the inexperienced swimmers, and body boarders aren’t in the way and putting us in danger.

During the summer months, we know what we have to give up, and this is absolutely why we look forward to the Fall Season at Aliso Beach.  The hustle and bustle that came with summer eases. There are less cars on the road and in the parking lots.  Children and parents are focused on the return of their children to school. The congestion and noise that comes with everyone wanting to be at the beach all at once  fade.  The Fall Season at Aliso Beach ushers in a restored order.  The beach once again becomes a source of peace and tranquility where one can quiet the mind and take in the natural landscape without feeling like people are piled on top of each other. To be able to stare at the ocean, breathe in the cool air, and dip our toes in the soothing waters without crowds is a gift.  Local wave riders benefit from less people being in the water in the Fall Season and it is as if you can hear them collectively exhale as they realize that their sanctuaries have been returned.  While it is real easy for local people to be put off by the summer crowds, it is an experience that allows us to avoid taking the Fall Season for granted.  Aliso Beach is a special place during the Fall and we cherish this time of year.


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Aliso Beach In Pictures


c100-December 30 Aliso Beach Sun Peaking Through.jpgc13-December 30 Aliso Beach Soft Landing.jpgc15-December 30 Aliso Beach After Glow.jpgc19-December 31 Aliso Beach Golden Bridge to the Northside.jpgc2-December 30 Aliso Beach Run And Splash.jpgc25-December 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Sunset.jpgc32-December 30 Aliso Beach Suns Last Blast.jpgc36-December 31 Aliso Beach Sunset Hood Reflection.jpgc37-December 29 Aliso Beach Treasure Island Sundowner.jpgc42-December 31 Aliso Beach River Meets Ocean.jpgc44-December 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Overcoming Obstacles.jpgc46-December 30 Aliso Beach Spray And Pray.jpgc52-December 30 Aliso Beach Dude They Saw You Had A Bago Of Chips.jpgc52-December 31 Aliso Beach Running Creek Sunset.jpgc53-December 30 Aliso Beach Standing Tall.jpgc63-December 30 Aliso Beach Partial Clearing Before the Storm.jpgc69-December 30 Aliso Beach Synchronized Flight.jpgc72-December 29 Aliso Beach Sundance.jpgc72-December 31 Aliso Beach Giving Thanks.jpgc77-December 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Impact.jpgc78-December 30 Aliso Beach Sky Painted Reflections Of Light.jpgc88-December 30 Aliso Beach Three Little Birds.jpgc90-December 31 Aliso Beach Ron Pringle Soaking Up Precious Few Moments Of New Years Eve Sun.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Cave Dwelling Moongaze.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Sundance.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Treasure Island Sundowner.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach After Glow.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Dude They Saw You Had A Bago Of Chips.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Girl and Her Dog.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Pacific Coast Highway Bridge Reflection.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Partial Clearing Before the Storm.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Run And Splash.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Impact.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Overcoming Obstacles.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Shadow Wave.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Skim Till Dark.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sky Painted Reflections Of Light.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Soft Landing.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Spray And Pray.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Standing Tall.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sun Peaking Through.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Suns Last Blast.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sunset Play.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Synchronized Flight.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Three Little Birds.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Moss Circle.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Sunset.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Giving Thanks.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Golden Bridge to the Northside.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Paying Respect.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach River Meets Ocean.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Ron Pringle Soaking Up Precious Few Moments Of New Years Eve Sun.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Running Creek Sunset.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Sunset Hood Reflection.jpg



They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I have always known that to be true. I spent some time with local Laguna Beach resident Ron Pringle.  If you ever have occasion to speak to him he says some of the most insightful things and he shares a perspective on life that I think is valuable to share.  He spoke last night about how all that we have is the here and now and that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. He is right.  I asked him about what his plans were for New Years Day telling him that he did not strike me as a football guy.  He said that he wished that people would focus on more important things and things that mattered.  After enjoying a  second conversation with him about his old Buick Skykark Convertible, something he said was a reminder to him of simpler times, he walked down to the water’s edge and became completely immersed in the sun as if to pay his respect, give thanks and absorb the few remaining moments of sunlight. Enjoy the last few images from Aliso Beach taken with an IPhone 6Plus in the Gallery Aliso Beach in Pictures.

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