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New Aliso Beach Phone Cases


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Aliso Beach IPhone Case

A couple of weeks ago we got a request for new Aliso Beach Phone Cases courtesy of Scotty Carter that we had never printed for.  Printing is both fun and addicting and I suppose that it will never get old.  This particular order came from the East Coast.  The cool thing is that the order isn’t coming from the surf photography and wave riding community in Orange County, California where everyone is cannibalizing each other’s businesses.  Given that everyone is enjoying wave photography out here and trying to make a run at legitimizing the work as a business, it is refreshing to see someone not connected in any way to the Southern California surf scene reach out and say those are beautiful and please send me some.  Needless to say I will be very happy when these new Aliso Beach Phone Cases leave for the Pennsylvania today.

The images chosen weren’t any images we had tried before.  Truthfully, I always expect Scotty Carter’s work to translate well because it always does with how hard he works to present Aliso Beach in its finest light and how much attention to detail he brings in the preparing to print process.

There are two new Aliso Beach Phone Cases.  The first one is called Divine Light and the second is called Green Back!  If you love Aliso Beach and you are aware of the damage at this beach as a result of high surf driven by Hurricane Marie, these new Aliso Beach phone cases might just be a better way to remember one of your favorite Laguna Beaches.

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