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 Aliso Beach Sunsetl

Aliso Beach Produces Some Of The Most Memorable Sunsets In Southern California!



One of the best things to do at Aliso Beach is to watch the sunset!  Aliso Beach has some pretty dramatic sunsets.  It looks like watching an environmental big screen tv with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  Looking out over the water from the benches that line the north end of Aliso Beach you feel like you are in the water.  I don’t know how to describe this.  You are sucked into the liquid wonderland in a way that is different from other beaches.  Perhaps it is the vantage point that you get from looking at the water from above the sloping beach.  I just don’t know.  What I can say is that you are immersed in such beauty that in those precious moments you feel one with the natural environment you are staring at.  You are a part of the sea!  No matter how well I try and explain it this is far from an experience you should try and live vicariously through.  You can’t!  You have to experience this yourself.  Many times I have been absorbed into watching the sun fall below the western horizon with the sun appearing to disappear into the Pacific Ocean as darkness arrives.

Depending on the presence of clouds, there are some of the most spectacularly glowing, orange sunsets at Aliso Beach and when combined with the palm trees, cool ocean breezes, the coastal hill back drop and the pristine water, you have the making of a moment in time where you are completely absorbed into the tranquility.  In that moment, there are no stresses, no worries, no screaming children, no nagging pains, no overdue bills, no relationship woes and no anything else that provides angst for the typical human being.  You are untouchable for that moment, a moment where all is quiet and peace is yours as you watch the sun conclude its performance end of day.

There are park benches that line the walkway on the north end of the beach.  They are a great place to drink up those last few moments of sun.  You get there before dark and Aliso Beach and the sunset will do the work you need done to soothe your soul.  No troubles, no worries, no headaches and if for just a moment, pure bliss and serenity!

Photo Credit: Scotty Carter

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