Visit The Tide Pools

When you visit the tide pools at Aliso Beach you experience a childhood rite of passage.  The tide pools at Aliso Beach are something that every child should get to see. It is important to remind everyone of the dangerous water conditions found at Aliso Beach because moving through the tide pools with high tides, larger than normal surf and slippery rocks could put you and your children in danger.  This is why we have recommended knowing your tides, checking surf reports, reading the dangerous ocean condition signs at the lifeguard tower and in the parking lot and talking to your knowledgeable lifeguard staff whom are schooled in ocean conditions, protecting visitors and saving lives.  Having been in these waters for nearly 30 years, it is hard to understand why people don’t do a better job with these precautions. Choosing the wrong time to be in the tide pool areas can be a matter of life and death.

There is a tide pool at both the south end of Aliso Beach and walking distance to the north below the Montage Laguna Beach Hotel and Resort.  These areas are considered a marine reserve and are federally protected.  Signs in the parking lot explain tide pool etiquette and it is possible to be cited and fined for disregard of these rules.  The rules are set to preserve the precious marine environments and creatures that share a coastline with us.  Things you might see include crabs, star fish, mussels, snails, shells, an octopus or two, fish, sea urchins and much, much more!

Tide Pool Rules Aliso Beach

Tide Pool Rules For Aliso Beach

Aliso Beach Tide Pool Rules

  1. Look But Do Not Touch. You Could Be Harming Innocent Marine Life!
  2. Do Not Remove Anything From The Tide Pools Including Animals, Rocks And Shells!
  3. Do Not Turn Over Rocks As You May Be Injuring Marine Creatures Hiding Underneath Them!
  4. Walk Lightly!  Marine Creatures May Be Underneath You!
  5. Enjoy The Experience Preserving It For Others To See!

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