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Christian Fletcher Taking To The Air At Aliso Beach!

Surfing Aliso Beach takes a certain kind of mind set.  You have to have reckless abandon.  The shore break conditions found at this beach don’t necessarily lend themselves to surfing but there are some takers.  Close out waves breaking that near to shore have been know to claim the lives of their favorite surf boards.  Some of them don’t care and some of them would just assume leave the waves here to skim boarders, body boarders, tray surfers and body surfers.

For those surfers that brave Aliso’s waves, there are harrowing drops and incredible beat downs.  Like anywhere else along the Southern California Coast, there are nearly perfect days.  On days like this, the waves have better shape and are breaking in water a little further off the shore than is typical.  On these days, and provided that surfers haven’t found those same epic conditions at their regular reefs, points and beach breaks, Aliso can have perfect surf and be amazing for surfing.

Surfing Aliso Beach

Nick Hernandez Tucks Into An Aliso Beach Tube!

One of the trends down at shore break zones like Aliso is the Costco Surf Board.  Some surfers are riding these because the material isn’t as hard as your typical epoxy or fiber glass surf board.  Probably the biggest contributing factor to riding a surf board from Costco is that it is much cheaper than the average surf board.  The Costco board from WaveStorm is $99.00 brand new and seems to come with a liberal return policy when broken.  I am not sure what the warranty on these are but even if there wasn’t one, it would take breaking at least 4 or 5 of these things to get into the zone of the average new surf board price.  While once looked at as a surf board for kooks, Costco and Wave Storm have become quite popular with some very skilled riders ditching traditional surf boards for the $99.00 board. This product has drawn the ire from and ruffled the feathers of the surfing industry a bit.

Wherever you sit on the debate over the appropriateness of the Costco Surf Board, surfers are using them to take on places like Aliso Beach.



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