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Skimboarding Aliso Beach

Skimboarding has strong roots in Laguna at Aliso Beach.  The sport was invented in Laguna Beach and there are few if any coastlines that lend themselves better to skimboarding than the Aliso area of Laguna Beach, California.  There is a commercial from the past that features snow boarders and surfers in California that speaks to the beach lifestyle.  It encourages people to come visit California to see how we experience board meetings.  We do like to have fun out here in Southern California and beach culture is very much a part of who we are.

The skimboarders that frequent Aliso Beach have board meetings often.  They go sprinting for the water with approaching waves, throw their boards down, land on them and skim across the retreating water out to waves, meeting them head on as they approach the shore and  making sweeping turns and riding them back towards shore.  These cats are unbelievable and there is no question that they enjoy what they do.  Even if you are not a skimboarder it is very easy to be captivated by the special skill and art form that they bring to wave riding at Aliso Beach.  Much of the time at Aliso Beach, the waves are best for skimboarding iwith waves breaking close enough to shore so that skimmers are able to connect a mad dash and hop onto their boards with waves breaking on the shore.  These guys, and as we have seen in recent years with an increase in the number of young ladies participating in skimboarding, are incredible athletes.  Even as a fairly skilled wave rider that has been around Aliso Beach for nearly three decades, I am still amazed by the wizardry that is skimboarding at Aliso Beach


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