Relax On The Beach

Everyone should make time to relax on the beach.  Decompress and get away from it all at the beautiful Aliso Beach. The weather is great.  The breezes are mild, the sand is warm and soft, and the water is a mesmerizing blue green that extends out into the Pacific Ocean for as far as the high can see and beyond.  Protected by the coastal hills that line South Laguna, the natural onshore breezes along the Southern California Coastline that contribute to cooler beach weather are minimized and result in warmer more comfortable, beach weather.  There is without question beach weather in South Laguna all year round making Aliso Beach a great place to relax and enjoy the sun.  Between the palm trees, the amazing blue colored ocean water, and a beach full of people flocking to the sand and water to enjoy the scene, Aliso Beach is a wonderful place to get away from everything and enjoy a day off.

When you are not focused on a tan, reading a book, people watching and falling asleep under the sun, there is a lot going on to take in at Aliso Beach.  While lounging you may get a show from local skim boarders who do the most insane things with waves.  If you watch them long enough, it won’t be long before you have just seen something that has you saying “WOW”.  They may also be joined by body boarders and tray surfers that are equally as enthusiastic about taking on the waves that pound the shore at this South Laguna Beach.  It takes a fairly skilled wave rider to tackle the waves at Aliso Beach when there are waves.  Our best advice to those not as experienced is to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  There will be serious talent in the water and they are fearless.  It’s always a good watch and a part of the scenery at Aliso Beach.


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