Make Sand Castles

What kid that visits the beach does not want to make sand castles? Nature provides everything you need at Aliso Beach short of the plastic buckets, shovels and any other sand sculpting tool you feel is necessary to make your sand castle worthy of a sand king.  There is plenty of sand, enough space and a proximity to the water that makes it all work.  You may create moats that intake the water as it comes up the berm and you can create tunnels under a mountain.  Whatever you want to do, its your masterpiece so sculpt it the way that you see fit.  Please make sure to keep an eye on waves breaking right on the sand that have a tendency to push water up the sloping beach in hurried fashion.  Young kids are susceptible to getting caught off guard and washed into the ocean on changing tides with larger waves.  It is also appreciated when we do our best to keep the plastic utensils used for making sand castles out of the ocean.  You would be surprised how often wave riders pull buckets and plastic shovels out of the surf zone.  Remember, these interact with local marine and aquatic life and can harm them. Exercise caution when making sand castles and never take your eyes of the waves at Aliso Beach.  Sand Castle making is a great activity for parents and children at Aliso and it is a part of the family experience.

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