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Body Surfing Aliso Beach

Henry Long Body Surfing Aliso Beach!

Body Surfing is another great way to ride waves at Aliso Beach.  I actually write that but I am not so sure I believe it.  The Art of Body Surfing does not offer you any means of protection other than the experience, skill and muscle memory that you bring to the beach!  It’s just your body and the wave.  What these guys do in these conditions is impressive and it is a wonder there aren’t more injuries.  There are not a whole lot of them in Laguna Beach but you will know them when you see them doing what they do.  I, like the warning signs at Aliso Beach for dangerous shore break conditions, do not recommend body surfing this beach, but there is a group of incredibly talented body surfers hailing from South Laguna that are able to tame these beasts and avoid injury.  Aliso Beach may bruise their egos every once in a while but nothing that stops them from coming back for more.  There isn’t much water underneath the heavy shore pound style wave but it doesn’t stop some of the most skilled body surfers in the world from becoming one with waves at Aliso.  If you spend enough time at Aliso you may see Ron Pringle, a long time resident of Laguna Beach and a super-skilled body surfer that regularly takes down the best waves Laguna Beach has to offer.  They don’t get any better than he is when it comes to body surfing.  Ron is a dominating force out in the waters of Laguna Beach and even in conditions I shake my head at, he is game for a few thick, barreling waves.  I watched him the other day get the lion’s share of waves heaving over the sand bar on the North End of Aliso Beach in waves that I would never recommend body surfing and would think twice about body boarding!

Body Surfing, Aliso Beach

Ron Pringle Body Surfing At And Swallowed By Aliso Beach!


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