Things To Do

For those visiting Aliso Beach, there are plenty of things to do.  For many, it is a family day at the beach while escaping the heat and staying cool. Families are able to kick back, relax, and enjoy the day.  Sand castles with the kids, laying out, people watching, tide pool visits, swimming, beach walks and runs are all things to do at Aliso Beach for the average beach visitor.

For many, things to do at Aliso Beach take on a more athletic, skilled and in tune with nature types of sports.  Among the board meetings found at Aliso Beach, you will see incredible skim boarders, body boarders, tray surfers, body surfers and surfers.  Aliso Beach produces a wave that at times is best tackled by only those with experience.  Wave riders from all of these disciplines regularly put on a show at Aliso Beach.  If you are experienced and the waves are big at Aliso Beach, welcome to the fun zone.  If you are inexperienced in dangerous conditions and powerful shore break waves, please consider avoiding the water that day.  While many of the things to do at Aliso Beach involve the ocean, the thing not to do is get in over your head and get hurt!

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