The Sands Cafe

The Sands Cafe isn’t your average snack bar.  The exterior of the building is decorated with black and white photographs of Laguna Beach from many years past.  It is really cool to see how Laguna Beach looked before many of us were born and I can say,  “My have things changed”!  The menu is featured  painting on the wall near the ordering window.  It is unmistakable.  When you look at it, you realize that this outfit isn’t trying to be your average snack bar  jamming you up with the cheapest and least nutritious, quick food items they can find on you for high prices.  The prices are still what you would expect from a beach snack bar, but the menu is anything but run of the mill.  While I would not bet on a radical change in snack bar food sovie faire and culture at Southern California Beaches, The Sands Cafe brings you an assortment of mouth watering foods and drinks.  Nutella Crepes for breakfast as well as Organic Caesar Salads and Thai Chicken Wraps for lunch, are among the many intriguing food items on the menu.  You may also get coffee, smoothies and a summer time favorite Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  For a snack bar, this just isn’t normal!

The grounds have picnic tables with palapa style shades protecting you from the sun and birds (Sea Gulls)  that may become interested in what you have to eat.  There is a cement retaining wall made bench style for relaxing and decorated with ornate metal star fish and clam shells. It borders the eating area and adjoined restroom area keeping the cafeteria area semi-enclosed and yet accessible from both the beach and the parking lot.  You can see the ocean from where you sit and you will never feel like you left the beach like you do with some of your northern orange county beaches.  It is pretty cool.  There are two sinks in the area to wash your hands and 10 multi-sex bathroom stalls that are on the grounds.  Two of the stalls are accessible to wheel chairs.  For those that are looking for a quick shower, there are showers available just off the beach and over by the main lifeguard tower to rinse off at.



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