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There really isn’t a true lost and found at Aliso Beach.  Generally speaking, thinking on their feet human beings recognize places that give the owners of misplaced items on the beach a fighting chance to recover their possessions.  The Sands Cafe, OC Parks and OC Lifeguards are places that someone that has lost something important at Aliso Beach can check with.

Just this past weekend, I got involved with a request for help finding a lost pair of glasses that belong to a little boy with special needs that needed the glasses to keep corrected vision from reverting to their pre-surgery state.  The work around solution in lieu of the glasses and knowing that the insurance process and manufacture of the glasses would take a full 30 days, meant that the child would have eyes patched and be in darkness until the new glasses arrived.  I could not imagine that!  I got involved with this because I was in the area and felt like I could make something happen and to everyone’s delight, it all worked out.  In the process though, I realized that people that enjoy the beach here and there in the summer and coming from other Southern California Cities, might not know where to start in the attempt to find missing items.

To me, the most obvious place to check is the snack bar Sand’s Cafe.  I, like the mother that emailed me through this website for help, have never been able to get anyone at the cafe to answer the phone.  Additionally, the website appears to be in some sort of suspended status.  Maybe they let the url go or they forgot to pay the hosting.  I don’t know.  Either way, they have a phone number and do open daily in the summer.

Sand’s Cafe At Aliso Beach

Business Phone:  949-715-0077

It is important to note that the special glasses were left on a stainless steel rail in close proximity to the Sand’s Cafe service counter and it is clear that someone knew these glasses were special and was determined to put them in the hands of someone where the owner was likely to search for them.

The second most obvious source for lost items on Aliso Beach is OC Lifeguards.  These are the folks that guard Aliso Beach and many neighboring beaches extending into Dana Point.  People do turn things into the lifeguards.

OC Lifeguards

Phone:  949-276-5050

As was the case with this set of glasses, OC Parks, who runs Aliso Beach Park and is in charge of beach maintenance, is the best source for lost and found items at Aliso Beach.  These are the folks that keep this one of the nicest, cleanest and most family friendly beaches in Orange County.  They have a protocol for hanging on to items determined to have value.  Thanks to an observant worker Fletcher and the help of a thinking on their feet person that left them in plain view on a railing near the snack bar, these important glasses found their way home today August 7, 2014.  It does also give us one other place to check when something significant is lost at Aliso Beach.

OC Parks

Phone:  949-923-2280 and 949-923-2283

Email:  southcoastops@ocparks.com

These three groups give anyone that has lost something of value the best chance of finding that item.  The team at the Aliso Beach website is not opposed to getting involved if you need help.  You may reach us at info@alisobeach.com.


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