Beach Cleanups


People have become responsive when it comes to beach cleanups.  It seems that many people today have been bitten by the environmentally responsible bug and these folks do  a tremendous job mobilizing, spreading the word, and making a difference in their communities removing trash from our beaches. These efforts become more and more common every year and they benefit all of us. Companies are staging events for their employees and adopting beaches.  That is cool too!  You want to build a team, why not build a team in an activity that everyone can support!

One of the groups is focused on Aliso and they are running an Adopt A Park Aliso Beach Cleanup.  It looks like they ran an event on September 7th of 2013 and may have another one on October 18,2013.  You can also find out about Coastal Cleanup Days including events at Aliso Beach by clicking on the Coastal Cleanup Events Directory Link.   You may also find information on Coastal Cleanups from your local Surfrider Chapters and the Californial Coastal Commission.

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Help Nyra and Surfrider Cleanup Aliso Beach.

I was looking at a September 2013  press release on Surfline where the city of Laguna Beach recognized the 2013 Coastal Cleanup Events and Adopt A Beach Programs as managed by the Eco Warrior Organization.  What an amazing goal they have…. to make trash extinct on our beaches!

We must admit that there have been some changes in the way that coastal cleanups are being administered for laguna beach.  While writing this I personally am half stoked and half uncomfortable because the credit this piece will be giving skips over someone in the Laguna Beach area that deserves a lot of credit.  Expect us to come back to this so that no one is slighted. Please know that at AlisoBeach.Com and, we are supportive of any and all efforts to advocate for the marine ecosystem and our coastal environment.  It seems that maybe the organizations and players have changed a little and we want to make sure that historical precedence and credit are established and that no one involved is not given their moment in the sun.  For some that could be many moments in the sun and we do not wish to disrespect, ignore or slight their valuable roles in the ecology and preservation of Laguna Beach.

We will get back to this section soon!  There is much work to do!


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