Fire Pits

Fire Pits

No Fires Allowed Except In Fire Rings

Fire pits are one of the amenities at Aliso Beach that makes it special and unique in Laguna Beach.  It is the only beach in Laguna that has fire pits.  There are 7 fire pits available for use as I went back and counted them after getting an inquiry through the website questioning my assessment of the number of fire pits at this Laguna Beach. After talking to Scotty Carter, and as we saw after Hurricane Marie driven surf tried to swallow and claim Aliso Beach, the fire pit numbers change because the high tides sometimes swallow them up or damage them to the point of removal.  A hot fire from the night before combined with the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean on a high tide crack the cement that makes up the fire pits.  This compromises both their usefulness and safety.  The number of fire pits may change as a result.  There are 5 pits between the north end of the parking lot and the life guard tower and an additional two pits in the corner placed further up the beach from the water’s edge and over by the Sand’s Cafe.

  • All fires on Aliso Beach must remain in the fire pit.  Portable barbecues of any kind are forbidden.
  •  You may put screens above the fire to do your cooking.
  • They are available on a first come first serve basis and available for use by those who are attending the fire pit.
  • There is a one fire pit per family or group rule so that more people can enjoy the fire pits as the sun sets over the ocean.
  • Those who leave the fire pits unattended are subject to loss of the fire pit to another family or group.   There are no reservations.  
Fire Pitts

Beach Visitor Reserving Fire Pit For Family At Aliso Beach

The picture to the right here shows a man reserving the fire pit for his group.  Remember that fire pits must be attended or another group or family has the right to use the fire pit.  Several of the fire pits were unattended with beach stuff placed next to the fire pits to mark their use of the fire pit.  The rule is that they must be attended to guarantee their use for your group.  While I am sure no one is going to remove your stuff if you leave the pit unattended, it is good etiquette to follow that rule.  There are only so many pits, so attending the pit is the polite and respectful way to show others that your group or family is using the area.

Remember that Aliso Beach closes at 10pm nighly.  The gates are closed and locked so if you don’t want to become stranded, it is a good idea to obey the park hours.  You may come back another night!




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