Finding Aliso Beach

AlisoBeach.Com is happy to assist you in finding Aliso Beach but does not intend to become a MapQuest and provide directions to and from the areas of Southern California that come to Aliso Beach.  We assume that you know your local freeways and can get yourself to the 5 and 405 freeways.

From North Of Aliso Beach

If you are coming from Los Angeles County and Orange County North of Aliso Beach, you will take the 405 Freeway to either the 133 South Laguna Canyon Road or Crown Valley Parkway. From the 405 fwy, you can exit Laguna Canyon Road and head towards the beach.  Beware of traffic.  Laguna Canyon dumps off into main beach and there can be aggravatingly slow moving traffic.  Check your traffic reports to know before you go or use your GPS devices to take the route that will get you there with less headache.  You will turn left on to Pacific Coast Highway.  When you see the Montage Resort on the right hand side of the highway, you are about a football field from the beach side parking lot of Aliso Beach. As you come down the hill, get into the right lane and keep your eyes peeled for the entrance to the parking lot.  It is best to slow as you come down the hill so the rapidly moving coast highway traffic behind you takes a hint that you are looking to turn in to the parking lot.  If you decide to go to Crown Valley the freeway will become the 5 fwy South.  Go right on Crown Valley until you reach PCH.  Go right and take that north past Salt Creek, Monarch Bay, Three Arch Bay and the little town and retail area just south of Aliso.  Once you see the 7-11 on your right, make sure to get in to the left lane.  Make sure you slow and signal early when coming down the hill as traffic tends to pick up dangerous speeds when dropping into the Aliso Beach area.  Accidents are no good!


From South Of Aliso Beach

If you are coming from San Diego County, and South Orange County south of Aliso Beach, you will be taking the 5 North.  Come up the freeway and get off at Beach Cities.  This will drop you into Dana Point.  Proceed north on Pacific Coast Highway.  You will pass by Salt Creek, Monarch Bay and Three Arch Bay.  As you continue on the journey north there will be restaurants and little retail shops.  When you get to the 7-11 that has been there for at least 2 decades on the right hand side of PCH, you are about to come down the hill with the entrance to the beach side parking lot of Aliso Beach on the left.  Make sure to get in the left lane early to make your turn and slow early with your signal on so those cars behind you picking up speed on the down slope know that you are slowing to turn left.  There is no sense in getting rear ended and ruining your beach day.  You may always take the 5 to the 405 to the 133 south which is Laguna Canyon Road.  Taking the beach cities exit in Dana Point will help you avoid the traffic of Laguna Canyon Road and the typical traffic found in downtown Laguna Beach.

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