Childrens Playground

Playground Rules

Play Nice!

One of the saving graces for Aliso Beach as a family friendly venue is the childrens playground.  The waves at Aliso Beach can get really nasty, and a good portion of the time it really isn’t a safe swimming environment for little boys and girls unless they are expert swimmers and experienced in the ocean.  Since people come from all over Southern California to enjoy the beach, the playground is important.  It would be really tough on kids not to be in the water when there are dangerous conditions, and all there is left to do is melt in the sun.  They would be bored out of their minds.  The playground gives children a safe place to play under parental supervision.  We think it is a nice touch and something that young ones can look forward to when they are coming to the beach with their families.

The playground features a small sand area with equipment that includes a swing set, monkey bars, a slide and a bridge connecting two wings of the jungle gym.  There is a picnic table and a small table in the playground that will allow parents to watch their children as they play.  When you walk by you will see children laughing and smiling as they are hard at work playing!


Children's  Playground

Safer Place For Kids Than The Waves At Aliso Beach When Surf Is Up!

To the left  you see a view of the playground available to your children when you visit Aliso Beach.  Considering the danger found in the waters of Aliso Beach and its powerful shore break waves, this is a great alternative and a way to keep your kids occupied with something they enjoy… time!

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