Aliso Beach Weather

Aliso Beach Weather

Aliso Beach On A Fall Day 2013

Aliso Beach weather features some of the best year round weather in the country and across the globe!  Aliso Beach, as a part of South Laguna Beach and the 8.5 miles that make up the greater Laguna Beach Coastline, is an upscale coastal area with what has been called a Mediterranean climate.  There are ridge lines, canyons, rolling hills, hidden gem beaches and pristine ocean waters that are kissed with an average of 280 days of sun yearly.  The temperatures range from a low of 55 in the winter and 76 in the summer.  South Laguna and Aliso Beach have the highest average temperatures in August and the lowest average temperatures in December. Laguna Beach has a record high of 108 in 1963 and a record low of 21 in 1949.  February is the wettest month in Laguna and the average rainfall yearly for this part of the coast is 13.5 inches.  Nobody that rides waves at Laguna Beach complains when we fall short of expected yearly rain totals as long as there is surf.  There are legitimate beach days in the dead of winter here but you will need a wet suit for cooler waters from November through most of Spring, unless you are built like a Polar Bear!

The Aliso Beach area is interesting because of the topography. It is a micro-climate that shares many of the characteristics of the greater Laguna Beach but has some distinct features because of the canyon.  The canyon that opens to the beach and feeds Aliso Creek to the ocean, helps create a natural morning offshore wind.  When there is high pressure present or when the water is warmer than the air, a wind whips through the canyon and towards the water.  For us wave riders, this is a really good thing.  It sculpts the waves perfectly and helps the tubes stay open.  It can make for really crisp and cool mornings in the winter with the winds bearing down on the beach from the canyon and creating a wind chill factor.  When it is like this, bundle up. Not only are the winds cold, but also they will lead to chapped lips.  Just as the canyon is a driving force for the Santa Ana winds, it also tends to help the winds shift onshore faster than most of Laguna Beach.  Whereas most of the Laguna Beach Coastline is protected by the hills from onshore winds, the canyon sucks the winds originating from the water towards the beach and blowing out the waves quickly.  While Southern California is subject to a daily shift to onshore winds, Aliso Beach is one of the first South Laguna Beaches to have winds go the wrong direction for wave riders.

There is absolutely no reason to complain about the weather in South Laguna and Aliso Beach.  It has a warm climate that typically does not get to hot and does not get to cool.  South Laguna and Aliso Beach have some of the best year round weather on the planet, and while some in the country are subjected to harsh winters with rain, sleet and snow, there are days at the beach middle of winter where they are lined with towels and beautiful girls in  bikinis on the beach.  Tell us that Aliso Beach does not have some of the best weather on our planet.  Those of us that spend a significant amount of time in this area know that the beach season is always in season with fun and sun potential all year long.  You can’t beat that!

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