Aliso Beach Park Rules

These are the Aliso Beach Park Rules as set by OC Parks. You may review these rules for Aliso Beach at the OC Parks Web.


Aliso Beach Park Rules

Aliso Beach Park Rules

Hours Of Operation

Aliso Beach Park is open from 6am-10pm Monday thru Friday.  After 10pm the gates are closed and locked and they are not re-opened until 6am the following morning.  Don’t forget or you may just need a cab.


Parking is metered on both the coastal and inland sides of S. Coast Highway.  You may get your tickets at centralized pay stations in the parking lot.  Cost per hour is $1.00 and the machines will output a ticket which is to be placed face up on the driver’s side dashboard.  If you fail to do this, chances are you will receive a parking ticket so take your chances at the risk  of depleting your hard earned cash.

Not Drugs Or Alcohol On Aliso Beach

The language used in the OC Parks website says no intoxicants.  It is safe to say that there is no beer, wine, hard liquor, or drug of any sort permitted at Aliso Beach.

No Glass Containers On The Beach

Glass and beaches are a really bad combination.  The result is often broken glass in the sand or water with barefoot people.  The potential for serious injury is high making the no glass on the beach rule one we should always follow.

No Littering

Amazingly enough, we did not see one rules sign that spoke to littering so we just added it here so you knew we were serious about keeping Aliso Beach clean!  We did not count all of the trash receptacles lining the walkway bordering the sand at Aliso Beach, but there couldn’t be more than 6 feet between them.  Aliso Beach is one of those places where high tides tend to take away beach.  It is typical to see people on the beach leaving their trash around and getting surprised by the tidal push and waves creeping up the beach.  That is when all of the trash you could have put in the trash can gets swept out into the water and we know you won’t chase it all down.  We see this happen a lot.  With all of the available trash cans at Aliso Beach, this is not cool.  OC Parks has provided the trash cans for a reason and they have made it easy with the arsenal of trash cans and how little distance they require people to walk to throw their trash out.  We have counted at least 25 trash cans, most of which line the walkway that borders the sand from one end of the beach to the other.  They have made it easy to throw your trash away so there really isn’t any excuses.

 Dogs On The Beach

From June 15th to September 10th, dogs cannot be on the beach between 9am and 6pm.  This affects Aliso Beach, Camel Point, Table Rock, West Street and Thousand Step beaches.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times and the County kindly asks you to clean up after your dogs and have provided Mutt Mitt stations for waste removal should nature comes calling for your dog while at Aliso Beach.  Thank you!

No Motarized Vehicles 

Aliso Beach Park Rules

Aliso Beach Park Rules

This refers to Cars, Trucks, Jet Skis, Sea Doo’s Boats or ATV’s.  There was a dude playing with a remote control car and truck in the parking lot this past weekend.  I am guessing that falls outside of the regulation!

Minor Children

Minors under the age of 18 are to be supervised at all times.  It is a part of the Aliso Beach Park rules.  For people visiting the beach, it is one of those normal parenting duties that you would expect.  It gets a little tricky when it comes to skim boarders, surfers, body boarders, tray surfers and body boarders who have grown up in beach culture and use the beach and the waters for recreation as if it were in their own backyard.  With the dangerous shore break conditions found at Aliso Beach, parent supervision should be a high priority to keep them out of harm’s way.

Speed Limit

10 miles per hour in the parking lot is the posted speed limit.  You want to observe that with families and children stepping out into the paths of cars to reach the sand.

Fires On The Beach

All fires must be in the rings that exist on the beach.  All portable barbaques to include propane grills and hibatchi’s are forbidden at Aliso.  You may put a grilling screen over the fire pits to barbecue it up!  All fire pits are available on a first come first serve basis with one pit per group or family.  You must be present to reserve a ring and unattended fire rings may be used by another family or group.  There are no reservations.


No weapons or firearms are allowed on the beach.  We can’t imagine why you would need one while enjoying Aliso Beach, so kindly leave those at home and enjoy your time at the beach.


There is no Fishing at Aliso Beach and neighboring Camel Point, Table Rock. West Street and Laguna Royale.  Local fish need a place to get away, hide and have a safe haven too!  A fishing license does not change this rule for Aliso Beach Park as enforced by OC Parks.

Tide Pools: Protected Marine Areas

Tide Pool Rules For Aliso Beach

Tide Pool Rules

The best policy for the tide pool areas is to look but don’t touch or remove.  Tide pools provide a sanctuary for a variety of marine creatures that suffer when we tamper with them.  Removing animals, rocks and shells from this area is against the law.  The following rules apply to the tide pools accessible from Aliso Beach.  The goal is to preserve the marine creatures and their habitat that we share a coastline with.  When we do our part, the tide pools are a place that others may come and enjoy for years to come.


  1. Do not remove animals, shells or rocks from the tide pools.
  2. Never pick up animals.  Leave them where they are.
  3. Walk gently and take great care in where you step.  Do not step on plants and animals.
  4. Do not turn rocks over.  This may injure or kill animals that are protected by law.




Aliso Beach No Skateboarding Sign

Beach Signs

No skateboarding is allowed.  Some people do anyways but there really isn’t any good place to do it.  Sand is swept off the beach and onto the walkways and parking lot surface which provides less than ideal conditions to skate.  Some people do it but it tends to be locals that frequent the beaches long after the summer season has ended.  No one seems to care then but it is an Aliso Beach Rule.

For the most part, no one is skateboarding or rollerskating in the parking lot or on walkways at Aliso Beach.  It is funny though that rollerskating hasn’t been a cool thing to do since the 1980’s.  If I were a street rollerblader, I might challenge anyone who stopped me from skating in this parking lot on the grounds that the sign and ordinance does not specify a rule against rollerblading.  When the beach is busy, the skating issue takes care of itself because there really is no where to do it.



This is a rule I was completely oblivious too until recently when Dawn wanted more information related to the use of canopies on the beach.  I see them all the time so I nearly told her to bring whatever she had.  In my mind, I see canopies all the time so there must not have been any sort of restriction on canopies.  Now I am unaware of any sort of canopy patrol for violations but these are the rules as it related to canopy use at Aliso Beach Park according to the County who runs and maintains the beach and facilities.

1.  You may only have one canopy on the beach.

2. The size of the canopy cannot exceed 10 feet x 10 feet.

Please be advised that this is not a rule found in the Aliso Beach Park Rules online.  This was quoted by a representative of the county when I made a really good decision to call down there so I could properly advise someone that intended to use the beach for a birthday party.





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