If you wanted to find out about Aliso Beach, this website is a great place to do that.  Aliso Beach, Aliso Creek, Aliso Beach Park, Aliso River and Aliso are all names you will hear referencing this South Laguna Beach. This geographical area along our coast has a rich history with Native American people as well as early settlers that moved west that took the mantra of going west and growing with their country. It is operated by OC Parks and the location rests between two sections of coastal hills one to the south and one to the north along Pacific Coast Highway. Its hard to imagine that a beach has a physical address but it sits at 31131 S.Coast Highway in South Laguna close to halfway between Main Beach and Salt Creek.The beach is essentially a canyon with a creek that runs through it and opens up to the Pacific Ocean. The beach may be called beautiful and many other words of grandeur to describe its beauty, and they would all be accurate but fall short of how incredible it is. Perhaps it is best to say that this part of the coast was handcrafted expertly,and with incredible detail by a loving God. Whatever you believe, Aliso Beach is a gift that was handed to us by intelligent design and the blessings of Mother Nature. We would be wise to preserve this amazing place for future generations.


As far as Laguna Beach goes, Aliso is one of the most accessible beaches to the public. With parking available on the street and in two metered parking lots, this is one of the more accessible beaches in all of Laguna. With the exception of Salt Creek, which rests on the Southern End of South Laguna and on the Dana Point border, there is not another beach in all of Laguna that has the parking and ease of getting down to the beach once you park. This alone makes Aliso a popular destination for tourists and people from neighboring Southern California communities that are looking to escape the heat and enjoy a day at the beach.  

Scotty Carter Body Boarding Aliso Beach

Scotty Carter Doing Jack Lindholm Impersonation on Heavy Aliso Beach Wave!

Aliso is a very popular beach for water related activities. The main part of the beach is directly in front of the parking lot on the coastal side, and it is bound by a natural, partially exposed reef and a river that outlets into the ocean on the north end. The river, when it breaches, feeds the near shore sand bars and the reef helps trap the sand on the south end. The beach has a good degree of slope to it. The combination of the river packing sand near shore and the reef which helps contain the sand, contribute to an intense wave that is enjoyed by a wide variety of wave enthusiasts. Skim boarders, body boarders, tray surfers, surfers and body surfers are no strangers to the incredible waves found at Aliso Beach. The waves break close to shore by comparison to beaches like San Clemente to the south and Huntington Beach to the north. Aliso is known for being a dangerous shore break and life guards will advise beach goers of this fact if they feel it is in the best interest of safety. When the waves are good, you may see all of the different wave riding enthusiasts putting on a show. One of the wave riders that fell in love with Aliso Beach after moving from Los Angeles County in the early ’80’s to South Laguna is Scotty Carter. He is a well-respected body boarder, waterman, film maker,photographer and artist whose found passion for Aliso Beach has inspired him to document this special place in his movies and photography. One of the ways that he intends to give back is through this website. He is offering his Aliso Beach Photography and Art through the website with 50% of the profitability going to a charity involved in the preservation of Aliso Beach and South Laguna in the next week or so.

The purpose of the AlisoBeach.Com website is to honor this magical place. There is a history to be told, a present to be shared, and a future to be protected so that successive generations of locals, visitors, tourists, vacationers and wave enthusiasts are all able to experience the Aliso Beach we know and love. We all have a stake in making sure that Aliso Beach is preserved and kept free of pollution so that it may be enjoyed today, tomorrow and for however long the blessing that is our planet allows us to call it home! We hope you enjoy the website!

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