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Yachak Organic Yerba Mate


Yachak Organic, Yerba Mate_ Yachak Truck, Aliso Beach

Yachak Organic Truck At Aliso Beach

After a morning of vicious barrels at Aliso Beach, I was talking with fellow body boarders in the parking lot.  I noticed this truck with an unmistakable and attention grabbing logo on its side that read Yachak Organic Yerba Mate.  I saw the truck park near by and as the representative, David Vasquez, got out of the car, I decided I would go ask him what he did.  As it turned out, he was what I would call a brand ambassador for the company and this new product As it turns out, is produced by the Rockstar Energy Drink people, and in my mand, that couldn’t be a bad thing.  I told David that way back in the day when I was a food service supplies sales rep in Orange County, I ran into a rep from Rockstar when the company was getting going and he gave me a case of Rockstar.  Little did he know at that  I would soon be hooked.

According to the website, Yachak is a name used by South Americans to honor their Shamans.  Yerba Mate is a drink enjoyed in South America for centuries.  It is a caffeinated beverage and it comes in 4 different flavors. There is a Berry Blue, Berry Red,  Ultimate Mint and Infused Mate. We were fortunate enough to be able to sample them all and I have to believe the Rockstar Company has something with this new venture.  I found the non-carbonated drinks similar to tea with a subtle sweetness that was both tasty and not over the top. Unlike many drinks in the market place, they aren’t obnoxiously overloaded with sugar and they are a great alternative to sodas, sweetened tees and the fake juices with low percentages of fruit in

Yachak Organic Yerba Mate Beverages, Aliso Beach

Yachak Organic Yerba Mate Beverages

them.  They are organic, gluten free, non-gmo and fair for life.  David explained that fair for life designation meant that the ingredients used in the Yachak Organic were produced by people earning a living wage and not being taken advantage of.  My personal favorite I think was a toss up between the Berry Blue and the Berry Red, although the Ultimate Mint was amazing too.

Watch for the Yachak truck!  David is out and about and talking to people about this new product.  That is how the word is spread.  With their product representatives, they are gauging the interest in the market place for their product.  To the best of my knowledge, it is not yet in the stores but David led me to believe this could change soon.  I can see them doing well with the drinks and happily offer my thumbs up.  I would indeed buy it!  Good luck with your new venture guys and thanks for allowing myself and a few friends try this delicious new beverage.  

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