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Sea Water Bucket Challenge


On typical days at Aliso Beach, you expect to see certain things.  You find the talented skim board community sharing waves down at the south end of the beach putting on a show. Water photographers dot the line up with their Go Pro’s and Digital Cameras in water housings. Aliso Creek is being broken to the chagrin of home owners, locals, beach visitors and skim boarders by a contingency of body boarders and water photographers who all benefit from the freshly formed sand bar created by fresh water pushing into the ocean. There are families lining the beach with towels, picnic on the beach gear and canopies to shade from the sun.  Fire pits are being reserved by families who understand that their availability is first come and first serve. Children play on the equipment in the playground, climbing aboard the ship, coming down the slide to parents and swinging the day away.  There are lines at the Sands Cafe and parents wash the stingy grains of sand off their children at the shower. The parking lot is full of cars that beat the afternoon parking crush!  Kids play at the shore’s edge under the watchful eye of OC Lifeguards with nearby parents who often do not appreciate the dangers lurking in the Aliso Beach shore break.  Sea gulls scan the beach for opportunities to swipe food from unsuspecting beach visitors with the occasional sandwiched grabbed in an aerial theft that is hard not to laugh at.  This is barring no one gets hurt of course.

These are all normal things.  In my coverage of Aliso Beach, sometimes I see something I have never seen there.  In the last year I have bumped in to the Orange County Tu Tu Scooter Girls, videoed a kid stuffing his face with a muffin while hopping off the sidewalk curb on a unicycle, watched drones with cameras scan the beach, see kids in hammocks between two palm trees and documented the worst damage I can ever remember to Aliso Beach as a result of waves driven by Hurricane Marie.

On one unseasonably warm day this spring, there was a particular brother and sister with their dad.  I remember that some of the kids were getting flack from the lifeguards about breaking Aliso Creek. If I remember correctly, the dad was interested in his kids seeing the water let out. As a result of a particularly nasty middle aged gal and her father who were so against the kids breaking the creek that they dropped a profanity laced tirade on the lifeguard and kids, the lifeguard shuttered their operation. I love when adults set a wonderful example for young people.

sea water bucket challenge, aliso beach sea water bucket challenge, aliso beach, aliso, laguna beach

Getting Carried Away!

In the end, not seeing Aliso Creek blaze a trail through the sand to the ocean did not curb their enthusiasm. If anything this brother and sister remind us of what it is like to be kids and at the beach.  The whole experience had them wide-eyed and grinning from ear to ear in what may be appropriately described as the joy of being children.  They did something, however, that caught the attention of me and the lens of Scotty Carter.  How it started I cannot recall but the Sea Water Bucket Challenge began and ended in smiles and laughter.  The brother and sister willingly, and between laughs, allowed one another to hurl a bucket of sea water at each other’s faces. The sister was respectful when she poured the bucket over her brother’s head.  Despite the role a big brother plays as protector of his younger sister, he upped the ante a bit and hurled the water point black into his sister’s face.  She was a good sport about the Sea Water Bucket Challenge laughing it off.  Chances are though, her nose dripped sea water for weeks on end after the challenge because her big brother wasn’t going to miss a permission based opportunity to get his sister.  This is just one of the many cool and interesting things I see at Aliso Beach.  This amazing Laguna Beach services a lot of experiences, memories, vacations and joys!  For those that visit and/or frequent Aliso, you know exactly what I mean!

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Call To Artists


The Aliso Beach Website call to artists is something I have had on my mind and intended to do since I started developing this website going on 2 years ago.  My enthusiasm for the initial concept for the website teaming up with artists and charities to shine light on artists and give to groups benefiting Aliso Beach and the South Laguna area has increased recently with events and campaigns that have inspired me.  In working with Scotty Carter and several other artists in the community, I have learned valuable lessons on how to sell, market, promote art both on and offline.  Fresh off a tremendously successful art show at Noll Surfboards on May 23rd, 2015 where we did a charity raffle benefiting Wings For Life, I see a natural connection between art shows and charity with a symbiotic relationship that works well to sell art benefiting artists and raise money for worthwhile charities always looking to grow funding.  There is no end to the need for charities doing good work to increase funding so the opportunities are amazing and absolutely worth our time.  On the heels of the successful Noll Surfboards show we attended the Laguna Board of Realtors Taste For Charity Event benefiting local charities in the city of Laguna.  There was a huge turnout which only reinforces my belief that art and charity make great partners.  We had a blast. Currently we are working on a campaign to benefit Free Bob Company, a non-profit company that works to improve daily life for those challenged by Alzheimer’s Disease with physical activity and home interior design projects geared to make things easier. They also bring awareness and educate the general public on the need for more research and funds to bring to find a cure for this devastating disease.  To say that the charity bug has bit me would be an understatement.  I am energized, motivated and hellbent on helping others through art and charity.

The time for this is now.  The Call To Artists is an invitation to artists in the South Orange County Coastal Community photographing or painting scenes from Aliso Beach.  We are offering artist profiles on the website if accepted and willing to participate in a program where we handle the art, send out for printing, collect the money and disperse the payments to charity.  There is no heavy lifting required and you will simply submit your best representations of Aliso Beach and we will handle the rest.  Aliso Beach is growing in traffic and will only continue to do so giving artists an opportunity to be a part of a collaborative effort to sell art and contribute to charities that benefit water quality and marine ecosystem preservation at Aliso Beach and the greater South Laguna Beach Coastline.  I can’t think of a better way to give back to a beach that we know and love.  Recent experiences with campaigns built for charities have been promising and fulfilling so I am excited to get this going.

We are going to keep it simple.  There will only be a few products offered on the website in a streamlined program for artists on the back of a printing relationship that has stood the test of time of my high expectations for over 5 years.  This way once the artist has submitted work properly sized and ready to go, all he or she has to do is promote the cause a little and get monthly commissions.  It really is that simple. The product is an 11 x 14″ matted print taking advantage of mat overruns at the printer that produce an ultra-competitively priced piece of art that is reasonably priced and affordable for many.  The art will be used to generate more buzz and interest in charities benefiting Aliso Beach as well as pay artists.  There is so much that can be done with this site and I am excited to see where it goes.  It feels really good to be doing something that benefits a part of the coastline here in Southern California that feels like home. I look forward to seeing what is submitted.  Each artist will get their own profile and gallery with links back to their personal websites.

The cost of the print will be $35 plus shipping with a 50-50 split on the net proceeds.  Currently I have decided that I would send funds to a Laguna Group called The Laguna Bluebelt and I would like once this program gains steam to send money to the Wyland Foundation and charities which are educating young people on marine ecosystem conservation.  I find that work hugely important to the future and the health of our local ocean water and sea life.

To submit, please email 4 low resolution images in jpeg format for consideration to  We will respond within 72 hours and move you to the boarding process for our charitable art program benefiting Aliso and South Laguna Beach.  Try and send a diverse looking group of images to the website so that this website has one of the best offers on Aliso Beach images and art in the market place.  We appreciate your interest in the program and look forward to working with photographers and artists that see the value in joining forces to benefit a place that we all know and love.

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Red Tuna Crabs


With red tuna crabs washing up all over beaches in Southern California from Huntington Beach to San Diego, I am learning more about the fascinating red creatures that are washing up in massive numbers at Aliso Beach in Laguna,  Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles County Beaches.. The shocking story and pictures today from Laylan Connelly of the Orange County Register related to the blankets of doomed crabs piled high on the Balboa Shoreline are incredible.  Exaggerating I would like to tell you that you would be walking through crabs waist deep on the shoreline but the truth is the layers of them on the beach were significant enough to blot out the sand color with reddish orange while carrying an unwanted  fishy stench that turned the stomach of my favorite OC beach lifestyle and sports reporter who is expecting her second child.  She is a real trooper and I have enjoyed her writing style and articles for years.


Red Tuna Crab Aliso Beach, Red Crab Invasion Laguna Beach

Seen Better Days

When I first looked for information on these red tuna crabs, I probably didn’t dig enough.  In asking Laylan questions on Facebook today, I realized that no one had really gotten to the bottom of how they got to the beach. It seems they show up every so often when we have warmer waters in Southern California coinciding with an El Nino weather pattern.  They spend much of their time off of Southern Baja and the Gulf in warmer conditions and feed on plankton in the ocean water column from the floor to the surface.They apparently trap plankton on their legs to feed and my assumption from what I read is that they will follow the warm water and plankton that shows up in more temperate conditions.  Following the warm water and food, they are no match for the onshore winds, currents and waves of Southern California.  Their fates are basically sealed by the conditions they experience in our waters and the little guys are powerless to swim back home and avoid washing up.  Once they find themselves in our waters they are either picked off by local marine life and coastal birds or they end up on the beach.  We have seen a lot of them on local shores here in Southern California by no fault of their own.

Laylan remarked in her comment to me that she found it odd that they came up Newport Harbor and beached themselves in Balboa.  This is one of the greater concentrations of red tuna crabs coming ashore that we have seen.  You gotta see Laylan’s story and picture to understand the magnitude and numbers of crabs on the beach.  It is insane and although I have seen them before in the late 90’s in the water and on the beach at El Porto in Manhattan Beach, that experience did not hold a candle to what Balboa saw.  With predominant afternoon onshore winds, home owners along the shore of Balboa are in for a fishy smell lingering over them as the wind pushes the unpleasant odor of dying crabs over their neighborhood.  Until someone cleans them up, it is what it is.  I am sure they will though no one knows when the new arrivals will stop.  When you look at the piles on the beach it is hard not to believe there just can’t be anymore.

Their demise and presence on Orange County Beaches are not all bad.  They will feed the local sea bird population including California Brown Pelicans and perhaps most notably the scavengers of the Southern California Coastline known as seagulls.  Seagulls have been noted to stuff their bellies so full of these things that they can’t fly. These birds are known for thieving food from unsuspecting beach visitors, picking half eaten food scraps out of trash cans and scavenging at local garbage dumps so I am sure these lobster-like crabs are a real treat.  I would be worried their snowy white, gray and brown feathers somehow turn the reddish orange of the crabs they snack on.  The red invaders are also known to be snacks for seals and sea lions which is a good thing considering local populations have struggled finding solid food sources with the arrival of warm water pushing their favored fish food north in search of nutrients found in the upwelling of colder water and currents. Grey Whales, blue whales, sharks, rays and tuna all find the red crabs favorable snacks and food sources. With the drone that is monitoring Juvenile Great White Shark Activity and capturing footage of 10-12 sharks close to shore, I wonder if the presence of the red tuna crabs is what is driving their presence in shallow waters up at Surfside Beach between Huntington and Seal Beach.  The theory of the red tuna crabs attracting sharks as they near shore lends credibility to their recent close proximity to wave riders, swimmers and the beach. Something to think about for sure.  

Hopefully the red tuna crab invasion subsides or county and city workers may remain busy cleaning up the mess that the little creatures never intended to deliver as they lie on Southern California Beaches in layers as deep as a couple of inches.  I think we have seen enough!

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Red Crab Invasion


red tuna crabs, red tuna crabs aliso beach, red tuna crabs laguna

Wrapped In Seaweed

If you have been watching the news or have visited Southern California Beaches from San Diego to Orange County over the last week or so, you know that red crabs are washing up on beaches and floating around in near shore waters.  They are little and you will not see the guys from Deadliest Catch scooping these things up off the beach.  To bad for them because the 2 foot waves beating the shore of Laguna Beach are far less perilous than the towering mountains of water in the  Bering Sea! Personally I have not seen these creatures or a red crab invasion since 1997, also an El Nino year, when I was body boarding El Porto in Manhattan Beach.  I noticed I was sitting in a huge bowl of salt water, red crab soup with these fascinating creatures scooting through the water bumping into me and occasionally washing up on to my body board. They are a strange brew with a flapping tail similar to a lobster and facial features resembling shrimp.  It was given claws or pinchers as they have been called, and yet I can’t imagine them defending themselves with what nature gave them. They are  1-3 inches in length and hardly a match for the shore break waves of Aliso and Laguna Beach and  I have read that once they are beached the curtain falls on their lives.

Hearing all of the news reports of the crabs, I wanted to see for myself that these were the same creatures I saw in Los Angeles County many years ago. They are called Red Tuna Crabs and under normal circumstances, hail from the sandy bottoms of Southern Baja California, Mexico and the Gulf of California. I have been told and heard that their appearance in our waters is the result of warm waters associated with El Nino, a weather pattern that has been debated as affecting our water and weather for the better part of 2 years and though it seems everyone has gotten on board with it being one, the seldom visiting red crab masses are the icing on the cake when it comes to the debate for me.  I was already a believer!  There are literally thousands of these things washing up blanketing the sand and turning the color of the beach a reddish orange.

red tuna crabs, red tuna crabs aliso beach, red tuna crabs laguna


There wasn’t a ton of them at Aliso Beach but they were there.  Most of them were no longer with us but there was the occasional shore flapper lying around. Aliso Beach is not a good place to beach as the little red army of crabs found themselves in the direct path of 2 foot waves detonating on the shore and hurling white water up the beach’s slope. They were helpless so I picked a few up that were tangled up in some freshly beached seaweed clumps to see if I could toss them back out to sea and give them a clawing chance, although the likelihood of them surviving this beaching wasn’t all that good. There was a group of little girls who were collecting them on a paper plate.  They were at a fire pit so I wondered if they would actually have their parents barbecue them between hot dogs and toasted marshmallows.  I did snap a picture with my IPhone 6 Plus of them sitting on the plate and they appeared to be headed to crabby heaven.

In Laguna Beach it is a marine reserve so technically it is unlawful to disturb them.  Certainly the law understands the human desire to save lives and the empathy we hold for our marine life.  Then again, maybe they don’t so I wouldn’t get caught red crab handed LOL!  It has been reported that people collecting them off the beach in Huntington Beach have cooked them and there have been other reports that they aren’t edible. Believe what you will but I can’t imagine there is much meat on them so they are hardly worth the effort.  It should keep local sea bird populations fat and happy and if the reports are true, they are being eaten by seals and sea lions. With warm water pushing local fish populations to colder waters to the north and seal moms chasing their fish food sources  leaving babies to starve, the red crab invasion could actually help if the seals found it in their best interests to eat as many of those things as they can while they are here. Perhaps for a short while, seal moms won’t have to leave their young and the pressure on Marine Mammal Rescue in Laguna to care for hungry and ill sea lions diminishes.  That may be wishful thinking but I hope the seals are eating as many red tuna crabs as they can while they are around.  I know local bird brains will make no apologies for gorging themselves in a feast that doesn’t come around too often.  For a short time, having a sandwich or food on the beach at Aliso might be safe.  If you were planning that picnic at the beach you just might be able to enjoy your meal while local seagulls are consumed with our crabby red invaders.

Nothing lasts for ever and neither will the days of red crabs coming north to Southern California and essentially serving themselves up on a platter for local marine life or rotting on a Southern California Beach near you!  Until they are gone, the red crab invasion is another interesting occurrence in the waters of Aliso Beach and all of Southern California during what has to be an El Nino weather pattern.

I have listed some related links below related to the Red Crab invasion that you might enjoy reading.  Until the next Aliso Beach article, Don’t Worry Be Crabby!


Orange County Register


Los Angeles Times

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The Patch Laguna Beach


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Fire Pits


Most of the contact requests and inquiries I get through the website are spam.  There are services offered to me website related that suggest the service providers have studied my business and know exactly how to make me Donald Trump.  That isn’t exactly what they say but I am a fan of Mr. Trump and pay attention to him when he is in the news.  What they do is make claims related to AlisoBeach.Com that suggest they have gone out of their way to analyze the business and website and have poignant thoughts on how I can use their products and services to not be the loser they believe me to be and have a website that it is not in traffic purgatory with no viewership or interest.  I just dramatized the experience a little because I found it entertaining and now let me get back to it.  I admit, I have miscounted the fire pits!  Please note that the fire pits situation may have been different prior to Hurricane Marie.

fire pit, fire pit before hurricane marie

1 of 7 Fire Pits Available For Use At Aliso Beach before waves from Hurricane Marie.

Over the last couple of days, I got an inquiry from Adam Vazquez who wanted to know if the website was correct in saying there were 5 fire pits for public use. I responded to that inquiry today congratulating Adam for catching the error if I was wrong and offering my opinion as to how I might have been wrong if there were more than the 5 fire pits at Aliso Beach as suggested by my site.  I said to myself when I saw it, “How on earth could I have gotten that wrong?”  When I thought about it, I realized that there was probably a 6th fire pit back over by the Sands Cafe on the south end of the beach and tucked up closer to the hill that borders South Pacific Coast Highway.  At one point, I believe I made mental note that I had not given credit on the website for that pit but honestly I don’t remember.

The website at the County of Orange as of today June 11, 2015 indicates that there are 6 fire pits.  I was thinking that I just messed up and that it should be my admission that I simply miscounted.  That could be exactly how this went down.  The interesting thing is that in the minutes before I make a fire pits admission that I was wrong with my tally of 5 fire pits available at Aliso Beach, is that all of the current fire pits were newly issued post Hurricane Marie.  Hurricane Marie with 15-18 foot surf tore Aliso Beach up and destroyed most of the fire pits  in addition to the walkway at the south end.  The County quickly replaced those fire pits so that a popular amenity at Aliso Beach was once again available to local and out of town beach visitors. The honest answer to whether or not the number of fire pits back then was 5 is that I do not know.  It may have been 6 fire pits at Aliso Beach as suggested by the county website or 5 as I believe I counted at one point.

I don’t know what Adam’s true intent was. Did he want to be able to say he caught me and that I was lying?  Does he take great pleasure in correcting someone else? Was it his way of politely saying you should check that out because I think that your count on fire pits at Aliso Beach is inaccurate? I am not sure although the way he wrote the inquiry suggested he might be trying to set me up to discredit me.  Whatever his reasons were I don’t care.  What I told him was that if he was right about questioning the number of fire pits I said were available at Aliso Beach, good for him.  Additionally, I told him that if he was planning to use the fire pits at Aliso Beach that whether it was 5 0r 6 firepits available, it would still require reserving them early so that his party would be able to enjoy a pit.  It is competitive for them year round, but especially in the summer months and warm days.

In my email to Adam I did promise to go check before I made a fire pits admission of having it wrong.  I did go count the fire pits today and with the newly issued fire pits post Hurricane Marie, there are currently 7 fire pits.  Although I am making a fire pits admission of not getting the number correct, the actual number of them as of today is subject to El Nino Driven high surf projected this summer and we shall see how long they last.  We already know the ocean has no problem claiming the beach and fire pits if she so chooses.  There is already sand in the lot from 2 months ago and those types of high tide and high wave combinations threaten the fire pits. In all likelihood, I was wrong with the 5 fire pits with a 6th pit in the corner.  The count that stands of today though, is 7 fire pits, all of which are now in place and post Hurricane Marie.  It looks like I was wrong all the way around.  Thanks Adam for pointing the error out and I will be updating the pages on fire rings as a result of your good work.  As I indicated in the email, please stay in touch so I can send you free Aliso Beach gear.  I do expect to hear from you so that I can honor that.



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Summer Has Begun


By the look of the crowd size at Aliso Beach this past Saturday, summer appears to have officially begun. Strange low pressure systems and mild rain events have kept May under cloud cover and cooler conditions that have made it difficult to wrap one’s mind around the concept of summer.  With the official start of summer not until the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2015, Aliso Beach was packed.  It was a mad scramble for parking on the coastal lot side and I saw at the very least 25 family tents and canopies lining this little slice of Laguna Beach.  If Aliso Beach ever was a well-guarded secret, everyone in Southern California seems to know there is metered parking, a children’s playground, a snack bar with restrooms, a shower, fire pits and plenty of sand to enjoy the beach.

After watching the waves and the beach scene for about 45 minutes, I leisurely strolled back to the car while talking with a business associate.  I needed to get out of the sun so I headed back to the car while trying to finish a business development conversation.  I walked towards the car while trying to employ eyes in the back of my head to try and avoid getting mobbed by eager beach goers circling the lot for that prime piece of beach real estate called a parking spot!  I traversed between cars in the front row trying to sneak through and get into my car and avoid detection because I wasn’t ready to end an important conversation.  How I wasn’t made for the next spot available by those frustrated visitors debating on trying the lot on the other side of coast highway or the unthinkable parking a mile and a half up PCH I don’t know.

I sat in the car finishing my conversation and it got a little warm in the car.  My next move left me completely vulnerable to the first panicked beach goer that needs to park right this minute.  As I talked on the phone I was started by a woman whom I did not see sneak up on me blurting out the question as to whether or not I was leaving.  I generally like to see people approach me so that I don’t come out of my shoes in surprise when they come up like that and I have to say, my response to her took the tone of being irritated.  That wasn’t something I wanted to do but it just kind of unfolded that way.  I can’t be the only human being that does not like to feel swallowed up or encroached on by people.  It was regrettable.

Feeling like I had been violated, I told her I was leaving but after I finished my business conversation.  She immediately had that oops I am sorry look on her face (although I can’t be perfectly sure) and she retreated from standing over my door with window down.  And here I thought I had escaped being looked at like I was the last filet mignon on the planet!  As I sat there, my conscious got the better of me and I put my conversation on hold and got out of the car and approached the lady.  I told her that I knew she was waiting and that I was going to leave and hand her an all day pass which I proceeded to do.  I don’t recall if she was overly grateful or if she was a little put off by the way I responded to being interrupted on a phone conversation.  What I do know is that I made a conscious decision to reverse any negativity, anger or rudeness put out into the universe that was completely unintended.

My sincere hope is that a wrong was righted and that I helped the lady and family be together sooner to enjoy the day at the beach with family.  After all, there are no guarantees of a parking spot at Aliso Beach during summer parking wars after 10:30 am on the warmest beach days.  Now that June’s gloom has dispatched itself a month early, we can expect that summer is here and that parking lot will be full by 10:00-10:30 am.  As far as Aliso Beach goes, this serves as a public service announcement.  If you are coming to Aliso Beach and you would prefer to avoid the parking problem, get there at 9:00 am.  Should you choose to come after that and not get a spot, your decision will result in sitting in a car hoping and praying someone will pull out of their spot close enough to you to fend off the other 20 cars doing the same hoping and praying while growing more frustrated by the minute.  I would also like to remind everyone that the inland side of PCH, although not nearly as convenient is still a great option.  Not sure if everyone knows this but there is a tunnel under the highway so you are safe.

Ahhhhhhhh….summer has begun!  And let parking wars begin!  Enjoy Aliso Beach!

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Taste For Charity


water sculpture, scotty carter art, scotty carter, taste for charity, laguna beach

Water Sculpture “Elemental” by Scotty Carter

If you ever have the inclination that social media isn’t powerful and that lots of people unbeknownst to you aren’t silently watching and interested in what you are posting, think again.  In my work with artist Scotty Carter, the online marketing and branding continues to provide opportunities to give back working with charities.  Apparently, posts I or we have made of Scotty Carter water sculptures caught the attention of Samantha Cooley on Facebook and she alerted me to the event.  To Scotty and I, donating to this incredible event and giving back to the community is an absolute no brainer and it always feels great to be a part of events that raise money for good causes.  Samantha is the VIP of Membership for the Womens Council Of Realtors South Orange County, the Education Chair at the Laguna Board of Realtors and a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at On Q Financial.  Thank you Samantha for think of us for this event and we will be a part of helping give back through this annual charitable event for many years to come.  Please Samantha let’s make sure to meet tonight so that we may express our gratitude for your thinking of us for this event.  I would also like to thank Sherrie Larsen Realtor for Surterre Properties North Laguna Beach for putting Samantha on the hunt for groups that might donate to the event.  We have selected a 36″ x 21″ water sculpture called “Elemental” in acrylic display.  The colors are mesmerizing in this piece and I am sure it will be a huge, huge hit!

There are live and silent auctions for the donated art for the Taste for Charity.  Charitable benefactors of the Taste For Charity include Boys And Girls Club, CSP Youth, Art Walk, Laguna High School and the Laguna Food Pantry.  We are definitely proud to be a part of this and are eager to see how “Elemental” goes over.  Thanks again for inclusion in this wonderful event and we look forward to meeting and networking with everyone this evening!





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