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Including Laguna Sea Candy


Several months back I wrote about meeting Sean and Olivia who are a dynamic duo couple that produces a beautiful jewelry line using sea glass, molded by the sea water and fine sands of Aliso Beach.  I really liked the idea of taking something that was essentially garbage tossed into the sea and creating something that people would embrace as fashion and gladly wear as jewelry. You really should see their pieces as they are incredible.

I curated an art show with Noll Surfboards in San Clemente featuring the work of photographers Benjamin Ginsberg, Scotty Carter and Aaron Goulding as well as original paintings and reproductions from Jeff Albrecht.  I knew going in that the art work that lined the gallery walls would be exceptional so that the presentation was stunning was expected.  What did surprise me was that we were able to raise close to $450.00 with a charity raffle that was packed with incredible prizes.  I invited Sean and Olivia down to the gallery event and purchased $50.00 worth of Sea Candy jewelry to give away during the raffle.  These two are definitely young people that I have become a fan of and I wanted to show their company some love and support.  It isn’t hard to look at the business these two have put together and appreciate the concept and success.

There is another thing I wanted to do for these young entrepreneurs.  I wanted to include them in a classy and successful event because I know that they were taking notes and will find ways to be involved in charity moving forward.  The key to having a good raffle is securing desirable prizes.  We were successful at that with prizes that included Laguna Sea Candy jewelry, art, phone cases, a spa treatment and a Grip Dat for IPhone 5. As a national fraternity member with a mandate to work with national charities, I learned to enjoy giving back so having success at this event raising money for charity is like a badge of honor and a source of great pride.  Hopefully everyone that was there that night was positively impacted by the charitable aspect of the art show and finds ways to get involved with legitimate charities representing causes that are close to their hearts. As you know, charities always need our help!  Olivia and Sean are doing great things in the Laguna Beach community with this business and I will continue to develop creative ways to include them in art events with charitable causes.  I hope they enjoyed being there as much as I loved having them as a part of our event.  Knowing what I know about these two young go getters I am able to confidently say they will be leaders in this coastal community and will do some of their own charitable raffles and work and we will be right there to contribute product and support to their raffles.  That is how it is done!

Let’s do it again in the near future Laguna Sea Candy!



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You Have Problems


Laguna Beach, Sea Lion, Sea Lion Pup

Line Up Sea Lion: Ryan Brown

There is a lot of talk about warm water temperatures, El Nino, the Blob in the Pacific, Fukushima Radiation, Global Warming and how all of these elements and climate changes are affecting sea life.  By the numbers, one of the hardest hit in our coastal playground is California Sea Lions. The theory is that warm water is pushing their food much further north and that mother seals are chasing the fish far from home while leaving their babies to fend for themselves. What terrible choices sea lion moms have.  They can either stay with their pups and starve or leave so they don’t starve while leaving their pups at risk.  This is the reality for sea lions in Laguna Beach and all along the greater Southern California Coastline.

Marine Mammal Rescue has dealt with record numbers of beached sea lions that are emaciated, sick and dehydrated. They do a tremendous job caring for them when ill, nursing them back to health and returning them to the sea for a second chance. According to an OC Register Article, a batch of sea lions were nearing graduation day for their rehabilitation and soon to be released back to the waters they call home in Laguna Beach when a cruel and heartless soul decided it was a great idea to dump chlorine in to their rehabilitation pool.  The young sea lions, who cheated death with the help of the center, suffered very serious burns to their skin  and eyes, sending half of them to intensive care and all of them requiring an additional 4-6 weeks rehabilitation and care.  Some of the sea lions in intensive care will may not make it and you have to scratch your head with why anyone would do such a thing.

To the evil human who did this I say, you have problems and you should turn yourself in.  What would possess you to inflict pain and suffering on sea lions that defeated odds against survival and were ready to be returned to the sea? What is going on in your life that requires you to harm innocent life and our precious local marine mammals?  I don’t get it and it makes me mad.  It is expensive to rehabilitate seals and resources are stretched thin this year trying to keep up with all of the beached sea lions.  Clearly you have problems.

This persons needs to be caught for so many reasons:

1) This piece of work harmed a federally protected marine mammal while vandalizing the pools used to rehabilitate seals.

2)  The monetary damage caused by needing to send previously rehabilitated seals to intensive care and then all of those surviving seals needing to be taken care of for an additional 30-45 days is costly.

3) This person has problems that may escalate from their vicious attack on seals to vicious attack on people.

Perhaps this person is redeemable and given the right kind of treatment, counseling or sentencing can once again be a part of a civilized and humane world.

If anyone knows anything about this troubled soul, please call the Laguna Beach Police Department.  If the person who did this feels any remorse, he or she is welcome to turn themselves in.  What you did is terrible and you have problems and issues that you might seek help for.  What you did was evil and unacceptable with sea lions suffering greatly because of your actions.  Turn yourself in!

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World Labyrinth Day


National Labyrinth Day, Laguna Beach, World Labyrinth Day, Laguna Photography, Laguna Art

Celebrating National Labyrinth Day

I just got a request for help from Sheila Horowitz of Laughter Yoga CA for Natural Labyrinth Day.  Wait……what is Natural Labyrinth Day and should I be embarrassed I have no idea what that day celebrates?  Thank God for google because I am 2 large Micro Brew IPA’s deep and it’s after library hours anyways!  Can you hear me laughing?  So World Labyrinth Day is very cool.  Sunday  May 3, 2015 is the 7th annual celebration of Labyrinth Day and you will dig the purpose.  Whoever started this 7 years ago looked at the world and said to themselves that the world needed all of the positive vibes and energy.  I agree and let me explain to you what that all means!

The gist of this is for people to get together in a community and walk as one amplifying their collective, peaceful energy at 1pm in the afternoon across all time zones. With all the things going on the world it won’t hurt I assure you of that.  Community and coming together for something productive and positive have never hurt a soul.  Yes, I might venture out on a limb and say it has a 99% success rate of helping and inspiring people.  Actually, there is no limb at all on this one.  It is a good community based event that is participated in all over the world and its great.  My apologies are offered for knowing absolutely nothing about this.

So beyond Natural Labyrinth Day, Sheila is requesting help from drummers for a shot at a Guinness Book of World Records. She is trying to help create the largest human labyrinth in the world at 9:30 Am tomorrow in Laguna Beach.  I don’t know how she found me but I support this and will try and make it tomorrow.  If you have drumming skills and think you can help Sheila may be reached at 949-887-0912.  As a part of her efforts she  is offering a free massage from Laughter Yoga CA and the opportunity to participate in a free yoga session.

If you would like to understand more about how National Labyrinth Day or World Labyrinth Day is celebrated by clicking on the link below courtesy of The Labyrinth Society

Here are Eleven Ways to Celebrate World Labyrinth Day  Courtesy of the Labyrinth Society

  • Walk as One at 1 (or as time permits)
  • Trace or draw a finger labyrinth on paper or using a smartphone or tablet app
  • Facilitate or join a group walk
  • Host or join a lecture, workshop, art exhibition or tour
  • Build a temporary or permanent labyrinth
  • Find a new labyrinth or submit an unlisted site to the Labyrinth Locator
  • Write a blog post, newsletter submission, letter to the editor, or article for print or the internet
  • Share and view WLD stories, photos, videos on Social Media using the hashtag #LabyrinthDay
  • Read labyrinth books, watch movies, or sing songs
  • Create a labyrinth art project, exhibition, or drawing class
  • Help spread the word by posting flyers, sharing on social media, and listing your event on the TLS Events Calendar
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Beached Sea Lions


beached sea lion, beached sea lion laguna beach, beach sea lion pup laguna beach, sea lion problem laguna beach

Beached Sea Lions Laguna Photo Credit: Scotty Carter

Every day I pay attention to things going on in the Laguna Beach Coastline and larger Southern California Marine Ecosystem and become more convinced that the human impact on the ocean is wreaking havoc on the creatures that frequent inshore waters.  Star Fish dying of waste disease used to be the headliner for human impact on sea life in the coastal zone in Laguna Beach.  Today, they are not because they are nowhere to be found in Laguna in so far as I have seen myself and from what has been reported by others.  These beached sea lions are representative of a problem that is growing and out of control.  Sea lions are being rescued in numbers that Marine Mammal Rescue of Laguna Beach struggles to keep up with. They do an admirable job.  I am not sure how knowledgeable the average beach visitor is about the problem with sea lions, but it is being reported that unusually warm coastal waters are directing food sources (fish) for sea lions further north, creating a chain reaction that leaves sea lion pups, hungry, dehydrated, disorientated, emaciated and sick while mothers abandon them to go seek food.  I have been on the victorious end of a sea lion rescue and a defeat. Many years back I was asked to help representatives of Marine Mammal Rescue to carry a cage with a rehabilitated sea lion to the ocean.  They opened the cage and the momentarily confused seal got its bearings and headed back out to sea as the beach lined with spectators cheered in approval.  It played in the surf zone for 15 minutes almost as if to thank everyone for their help.

This past winter, I helped animal control rescue a little one down at Crescent Bay.  While this pup was ill and weak, it managed to almost take my fingers off as I helped the animal control officer get the sea lion into the cage.  It hit the side of the cage with a bite that I will never, ever forget.  It was awe inspiring.  Hoping to name this sea lion pup, I phoned down to Marine Mammal Rescue only to find out that the pretty little girl was beyond the ability to help  and was put to sleep. My heart sank upon the news!  It was too weak to go back out to sea but strong enough to have survival instincts kick in and attempt to avoid capture. With fishy food sources going north to find nutrient rich, colder waters, sea lion moms are leaving their babies behind to fend for themselves.  The record numbers of beached sea lion pups from Marine Mammal Rescue in Laguna Beach tell us that things are not going very well for sea lion pups.

In the last few weeks, I have noticed a bunch of baby sea lions in the surf zone.  Given the expansion of the Great White Population along our coast and recent sightings close to shore in San Clemente and Seal Beach, I must admit I am not excited to see them close to shore, but this is their home.  Unfortunately the home we share with them for recreational purposes is not all that healthy and the result is regular sightings of sea lion babies on Aliso Beach and other Laguna area beaches.  This problem isn’t restricted to Laguna as there are problems all over Southern California.  If we continue to over fish and consume the earth’s resources in a way that leaves a stamp of pollution on our marine ecosystems, sea lion pups beaching themselves and needing to be put to death are among the many problems we can and will see with increasing numbers.

If you see a sea lion pup on the beach, do not approach it.  I am amazed at the human need to pet and be photographed inches from a wild animal.  Make sure to commit to memory that I nearly lost fingers to the bite of the sea lion I helped rescue with an animal control officer in Laguna. They may be sick but they are capable of inflicting damage you don’t want to experience. When you see beached sea lions at Aliso Beach or any of the surrounding Laguna Beaches, call Marine Mammal Rescue or Animal Control.  If you can, stay with the sea lion pup and kindly ask all passers by to keep a safe distance and not to touch or harass the animal.  Perhaps you will be luckier than I was and actually help rescue, rehabilitate and name a seal that you play a role in saving.  That would be cool!


Marine Mammal Rescue (949)-494-3050

Animal Control (949) 497-0701






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Nyra Cruz


Nyra Cruz, Surfrider Aliso Beach Cleanup, Nyra Cruz Art

Nyra Cruz on last day working the Surfrider Aliso Beach Cleanup

Several weeks ago, I introduced myself to a young man by the name of Nyra Cruz who was staffing the Surfrider Foundation South Orange County Chapter Beach Cleanup at Aliso Beach.  Spending a lot of time there making sure I have content to keep this website interesting, I have chatted with him over the last couple of months.  He is a great guy and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that he and others like him care enough about Aliso Beach to administer cleanup events at my favorite part of the Laguna Coastline.

Making my rounds at Aliso Beach, I once again stumbled into Nyra Cruz representing the South Orange County Chapter of Surfrider Foundation. Nyra explained to me that today was his last event at Aliso Beach, needing to focus on his finals and senior projects at Laguna College of Art And Design.  Reflecting back  20 years ago, I remember how stressful finals were especially when it came to senior year.  At some point, you just want to get the heck out of school, and Nyra indicated that he felt it was time to graduate and join the workforce.  After he completes his work and gives the commencement speech at the prestigious college, Nyra will be a tattoo artist at a shop in Old Tustin and moving to Irvine to be closer to work.  He is extremely excited to get out of school and begin what looks like to me a very promising career in the art and design world.

Realizing that Nyra would no longer be there, I asked him how I could help keep the events going.  Apparently this South Orange County Chapter Surfrider Beach Cleanup group has partnership ties to Laguna College of Art and Design and will need another student from the school to takeover.  Nyra is unaware of any classmates that want to take over that role for an internship which is a little upsetting.  Surely in the small student body at the art college there is another senior in need of an internship required for graduation.  That is the hope anyways.

Nyra graduates on May 18th, 2015.  He is ready to start his life and I couldn’t be happier for him.  On behalf of and the community of wave riders, ocean advocates, surf photographers and Laguna Beach locals, I would like to congratulate Nyra on his successful completion of his work at the college.  I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him.  Growing up in the inland empire, getting accepted to a prestigious art and design college, graduating and joining the workforce in Orange County is worthy of celebration.  Good Luck Nyra!  Stay in touch and thank you so much for your dedication to the preservation of Aliso Beach.  You will be missed!

Nyra doesn’t have a website art the moment but you may follow his work on both his Facebook Fan Page  and his Instagram Gallery.  The website is in the works and he asks your patience as he bulldozes through finals to graduation! As for the status of the beach cleanup, I was wondering if Rick would allow me to help him keep the seat warm for the next senior at Laguna College of Art and Design to take over.  Hit me up Rick!



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