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Sea Candy Jewelry


Aliso Beach is a wonderful place.  It really is.  From its picturesque sunsets, palm trees blowing in the wind and warm, soft sand to its thundering shore break, dazzling blue ocean water and sea faring birds gliding through the air, it is a place I count on to unwind.  This is where I slow myself down from the hustle and bustle of this busy and maddening lifestyle we have created for ourselves.  I can’t imagine not being able to decompress and Aliso Beach I have found is very helpful.  Having read about Aliso I would swear there is a spiritual quality to this special Laguna Beach that soothes the soul, calms the mind and rejuvenates the body.  If asked my opinion I would say that this feeling I get there is tied ancestrally to local Indian groups that once called the Aliso Beach area of Laguna home.  There is a quality of being connected to other people at Aliso that I have always found so intriguing and again, this feeling has me crediting Native Americans who once called this area home.  I can’t explain but I know its there.   In addition to all its natural wonders, Aliso Beach is a local stomping ground for skim boarders, body boarders, body surfers and surfers when conditions are right.  With the only parking lot in Laguna Beach accompanied by level ground and easy access, Aliso Beach serves a wide array of people from water sport enthusiasts to families that simply love the beach.

Sea Candy Photo 1.jpgSea Candy Photo 10.jpgSea Candy Photo 2.jpgSea Candy Photo 3.jpgSea Candy Photo 4.jpgSea Candy Photo 5.jpgSea Candy Photo 6.jpgSea Candy Photo 7.jpgSea Candy Photo 8.jpg

Because I have spent a fair amount of time at Aliso Beach and needing to take pictures in support of the website, I often strike up conversations with people I don’t know.  It’s fun and what I find that it does is reinforce the belief I have that Aliso Beach is a wonderful place.  On one of my latest visits to the beach, I struck up a conversation with a salty character who was interested in a particular area of the beach rummaging through the sand and debris pushed up the sand bar by the crashing waves.  He was searching for sea glass and was candid about what he looked for and the places in Laguna that he visited to find it.  Previously, I had been snapping some IPhone 6 Plus Photos of skim boarders who were carving up the shore break waves sending water skyward against the back drop of the setting sun.  The back lit spray taking on the characteristics of the glowing orange background was phenomenal. There were 3 of them and they had this little crease along the beach near Aliso Creek that was allowing them to go to town on the glassy little waves beating the shore.  While talking to the salty fellow searching for sea glass, one of the skim boarders was walking up the beach with a young lady and also searching for sea glass.

They were friendly and of course I struck up a conversation with them and found out that the two had a business making handmade jewelry highlighting sea glass they found along Laguna Beaches. What a cool idea!  The couple are Olivia and Sean.  Olivia is a Laguna Niguel resident and is quite crafty. In addition to her flare for beach inspired jewelry using sea glass, she is majoring in film production and is an avid photographer.  Sean Malek is a pro skim boarder and works for Victoria Skim Boards.  I am sure I don’t have to tell the company what they have in Sean.  The dude can put on a show on a skim board but perhaps more importantly, he is a genuinely friendly, intelligent and entrepreneurial guy driven and inspired.  Olivia and he started the business last year and have a growing fan base for the work they do with the sea glass making it into beach style jewelry.

Currently they are working behind the scenes on the website.  In the meantime you can visit them at Sea Candy Jewelry.  Every piece made using sea glass comes from Laguna Beach. Each one is unique to the piece of glass found on the beach because they do not use a rock tumbler.  The result is that you don’t have a piece of jewelry that is exactly the same as another making those that buy them feel like they got something special, one of a kind and something no one else has.  Last year they donated a portion of the profits to World Vision which helps people that don’t have access to get clean drinking water.  Pieces include necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings.  There are even pieces using an elusive blue sea glass which I have read is a rare find.  The mission of Sea Candy Jewelry is to remove from the water an item considered trash and make it into something beautiful and ocean inspired that everyone can wear.  As the gallery of pictures below will show, they have succeeded in that.

It is a good thing when our young are actively seeking ways to better our world and while this is just many of the ways young people can help the world, Sea Candy Jewelry is something worthy of our high praises, admiration, attention and support.  As the founder of this website, I will periodically be checking in on them to see what is new and continue to encourage them to grow a business that was built on helping our environment, donating to charity and bringing to market a product everyone will love.  In an email sent to me by Sean, he and Olivia are discussing donating some of the proceeds from sales to charities benefiting the clean up of Aliso Creek.  That has my attention as I have always shaken my head at how we can’t seem to get that right whatever the reason is.  I could see partnering with them and sending proceeds from art and photography sales through this website. Whatever the future holds, these are two bright young people that are making a difference and enjoying it.  It just so happens that Aliso Beach contributes to the amazing work they are doing and what they do is another great example of the talent and creativity you find among people at this beach.  If you have not seen Sea Candy Jewelry by all means get on over to that site , check the jewelry out and buy a piece knowing that they are making incredible jewelry pieces, donating to charity and getting trash off our beaches.  That is a win-win-win-win!


Let’s recap the win-win-win-win as it relates to buying Sea Candy Jewelry

1) Trash in the form of sea glass is removed from the beach.

2)  A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity

3)  Supporting this business will encourage Olivia and Sean as well as other young people to build businesses around protecting the environment and donating some of the profits to charity.

4) You get a bad ass, ocean inspired piece of jewelry hand crafted with love from two great people in Olivia and Sean.


ANY QUESTIONS?  GET OVER TO THE WEBSITE AND BUY SOMETHING.  Plenty of unique gift items on that website!



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Monarch Butterfly With A Message


Have you ever lost a loved one , friend or family member that was really close to you and somehow feel as though they visit and leave signs so that you know they are there?  Until today, I might have been in the camp that said that I could not recall anything that suggested I had experienced that. That changed with the monarch butterfly with a message.

Months ago in 2014, I called a client several times over a period of 3-5 days.  It concerned me because it was so unlike this client to go silent on me even when our business relationship was tested. Trust me when I tell you that marketing is a service with variable results and not all results are happy.  This particular client was all the way across country in Utah.  I had worked with him for about 4 years.  He was always respectful and enthusiastic when I called and he was fair.  He told me when things were not good and it always motivated me to try harder to deliver him better results.  I always looked forward to talking with him and he would joke when things were good and he would playfully poke me verbally when things needed to get better.  I loved that about him and I miss talking with him. I felt very close to him despite never meeting the man in person and shaking his hand.  Truth be told he felt like a friend that I had not seen in some time and someone worthy of a big old bear hug.  I loved this dude as far fetched as it seems, but we built a great business relationship built on mutual respect and it felt as though he was among my best of friends.

As I walked into a market this morning, Kyle somehow crossed my mind and I have no idea why.  Kyle and I worked with another guy Rick and I was having trouble with an accounting issue with Rick and his company.  Since Kyle knew him, I made a phone call to him and inquired about Rick and whether or not Rick was someone that would take care of us because he stopped returning calls on invoices past due. As the tragic story goes, Kyle was on the phone with Rick on my behalf.  I didn’t ask him to but he wanted to help. As I was told  his girlfriend had an affinity for alcohol and while talking to Rick, he indicated that he had to stop her from getting into another bottle of whatever.  He left the conversation with Rick to intervene and as the story goes he fell and hit his head severely and bled out.  I wondered if I had not talked to Kyle about Rick if this whole thing would have happened.  Suffice it to say, I even carried a tremendous amount of guilt over his death.  I felt horrible but it is not up to me to decide why that had to go that way.  My honest answer is that I don’t know and can tell you that it hurt me deeply.

Today I walked out of the market with coffee in hand and Kyle on my mind.  I missed my favorite client and friend. I noticed a monarch butterfly cruising by the doors and as I walked out the door I noticed it was stalling to land on a bush lining the front of the store.  I stopped on a dime to give this creature its space. It thought better of landing and flew away but circled back and again I stood there out of its way and respectful.  Once again, it thought better of landing there flew over my head and to the left and circle back nearly landing on my head.  It stayed in the area for a few minutes before flying away for good. As the butterfly tried to land on me and with Kyle on my mind, tears gushed from my right eye only.  I have never experienced anything like that but I felt like Kyle knew that I was thinking of him and that he knew of the guilt I carried related to his passing.  Kyle had a great sense of humor and he loved people.  He treated me like a friend he had known and loved for years and we had never even met.  I have no idea why the thought of Kyle entered my mind this morning but I do know a message was sent through that Monarch Butterfly.  He knew of the burden and guilt that I carried and through that butterfly he carried it away.  In that experience I am reminded of his love of me and I am grateful for his sending a message that it was okay and to let it go in a confirmation from beyond. Thank you Kyle for lifting that burden.  I love ya man.  Losing you the way things went down was really tough on me and somehow your spirit rode the wings of a butterfly to make things right.  What an amazing day and I thank you for keeping your spirit alive and in my presence to let me know things were okay. You probably momentarily traded in your angel wings for butterfly wings to offer a confirmation from beyond that it was all good and I needed to get that message! I am eternally grateful man, and I will see you on the other side.

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Aliso Beach In Pictures


c100-December 30 Aliso Beach Sun Peaking Through.jpgc13-December 30 Aliso Beach Soft Landing.jpgc15-December 30 Aliso Beach After Glow.jpgc19-December 31 Aliso Beach Golden Bridge to the Northside.jpgc2-December 30 Aliso Beach Run And Splash.jpgc25-December 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Sunset.jpgc32-December 30 Aliso Beach Suns Last Blast.jpgc36-December 31 Aliso Beach Sunset Hood Reflection.jpgc37-December 29 Aliso Beach Treasure Island Sundowner.jpgc42-December 31 Aliso Beach River Meets Ocean.jpgc44-December 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Overcoming Obstacles.jpgc46-December 30 Aliso Beach Spray And Pray.jpgc52-December 30 Aliso Beach Dude They Saw You Had A Bago Of Chips.jpgc52-December 31 Aliso Beach Running Creek Sunset.jpgc53-December 30 Aliso Beach Standing Tall.jpgc63-December 30 Aliso Beach Partial Clearing Before the Storm.jpgc69-December 30 Aliso Beach Synchronized Flight.jpgc72-December 29 Aliso Beach Sundance.jpgc72-December 31 Aliso Beach Giving Thanks.jpgc77-December 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Impact.jpgc78-December 30 Aliso Beach Sky Painted Reflections Of Light.jpgc88-December 30 Aliso Beach Three Little Birds.jpgc90-December 31 Aliso Beach Ron Pringle Soaking Up Precious Few Moments Of New Years Eve Sun.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Cave Dwelling Moongaze.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Sundance.jpgDecember 29 Aliso Beach Treasure Island Sundowner.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach After Glow.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Dude They Saw You Had A Bago Of Chips.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Girl and Her Dog.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Pacific Coast Highway Bridge Reflection.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Partial Clearing Before the Storm.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Run And Splash.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Impact.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Salt Water Overcoming Obstacles.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Shadow Wave.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Skim Till Dark.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sky Painted Reflections Of Light.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Soft Landing.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Spray And Pray.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Standing Tall.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sun Peaking Through.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Suns Last Blast.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Sunset Play.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Synchronized Flight.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Three Little Birds.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Moss Circle.jpgDecember 30 Aliso Beach Tide Pool Sunset.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Giving Thanks.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Golden Bridge to the Northside.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Paying Respect.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach River Meets Ocean.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Ron Pringle Soaking Up Precious Few Moments Of New Years Eve Sun.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Running Creek Sunset.jpgDecember 31 Aliso Beach Sunset Hood Reflection.jpg



They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I have always known that to be true. I spent some time with local Laguna Beach resident Ron Pringle.  If you ever have occasion to speak to him he says some of the most insightful things and he shares a perspective on life that I think is valuable to share.  He spoke last night about how all that we have is the here and now and that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. He is right.  I asked him about what his plans were for New Years Day telling him that he did not strike me as a football guy.  He said that he wished that people would focus on more important things and things that mattered.  After enjoying a  second conversation with him about his old Buick Skykark Convertible, something he said was a reminder to him of simpler times, he walked down to the water’s edge and became completely immersed in the sun as if to pay his respect, give thanks and absorb the few remaining moments of sunlight. Enjoy the last few images from Aliso Beach taken with an IPhone 6Plus in the Gallery Aliso Beach in Pictures.

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